Pinned Introductions & Farewells

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    • Hi ^^
      Im (see nick)
      Im also pt (portuguese)
      i dont know who old am i
      recently moved to england
      playing travian since the first server 4 in portugal
      now moderator at forum travian br,and a supporter at speed br
      and i hope i get to know cool people,like i did at travian pt and br:)
    • Hello, trying not to be too much of a nOOb (though did nearly spell that incorrectly...). Also trying to be very polite before my dark side escapes and everyone thinks I'm ebil ;)
    • I'm back from doing my mock exams! I managed to resist quite well actually, lets see if I can do the same for the real things!

      Exams went pretty well, I've already had my RE results: 199/200! :D

      SOD was the best nagger ;) ... thanks

    • Hi there,

      I thought I would reintroduce myself as I'm sure you've all forgotten about me for now.

      My current accomodation will have internet, but doesn't yet, so I'm sitting in a bar that has Wifi :)

      I might do a blog update whilst I'm here if I have time...
    • Hello, I have been a lurker for a while now, but I thought I would introduce myself. I have a brother who uses this forum quite a lot but I shall not embarrass him by naming him. Not sure what else I should put, so that is all. Hello again!
    • Off for a while, as I don't seem to be able to express myself at the moment, and people don't understand that I am hurt by their attitude when I have never, and would never, disrepsect their beliefs. Time for me to give it a rest I think, See you in a few weeks I hope.
      Have a good Christmas and I hope you all get what you want.
    • I shall not be on in the next few days, I hope neither shall you.

      I must rejoice in the company of my loving family:(

      HELP ME!!!!!!

      So I bid you all Merry Christmas and Goodnight!

      Don't wake your parents up too early, like I shall be doing. 5am start FTW!

      So goodbye!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • Hi i'm a newbie, my names is Lee and hoping to spend loads of time playing this as it reminds me of a really old favourite game of mine AOE2. Hope to make lots of new friends see you around.
    • I seem to remember doing this a while back, but looks like I need to again.

      Every time people post things now, it appears that someone else will interpret that message differently to what it was intended to be. I have seen people I like getting insulted by posts, but I have also seen people being offended by their posts. The bad thing about forums is you can never see the persons face when they post something. So it is hard to grasp what they truly meant. I'm afraid that too many people are getting offended by what others say, the whole concept seems daft to me. So alas I shall not be posting anything anymore, apart from the RPG area, as this seems to be the only place not affected by this, yet...

      So its a sort of goodbye from me. Now I know some people will rejoice at this news, good for them is all I can say.

      If you want to talk to me (not likely I know) my contact details are in my profile, or you can do it the old fashioned way via PM.
    • I'm going to be 'going' soon for a bit to

      exams and all

      still be in my RPS but I'm not going to be able to be on a lot

      should be back fully at the end of January (after my exams) though I'll going to be giving up the forums completely the week before
    • Well i guess im new

      espeically to forum life

      Well now S4 is over
      gotta wait to start allll over again =]


      Welcome, and such a nice greeting. It's such a shame when forum users (*cough, fizzy, cough*) forget to use the quote button when reffering passionately to an earlier post. It has the potential to cause such confusion :D. Welcome to the forum, I for one hope you enjoy your stay. :)

    • MacDuff wrote:


      Im new on the forums this is my first post.

      So yeah just saying hey :)

      Welcome :)

      I may not be on here much for the next few day until my room's sorted out and my new computer (hurrah! replacement for my rubbish laptop) is set up.
    • I'm going to be leaving soon

      considering the vast amount of bulling going on towards me is just not worth reporting and the few should leave to benefit the many, which is why I'm leaving in the hope that all the nasty evil bully on sever 3 parts of the foram soon run out of things to talk about

      I'm sorry to all thouse that found my veriety of humor funny and I hope I answerd all the questions I did with a resnable answere

      I'd like to say thanks to all the members of the RPes for letting me take part in a number of role playes and I hope I did my bit in pushing the stories along there way

      I'll still be doing sever 4 jammy So will be contacting you again once it starts and anyone who depratly wants to talk to me I'm on sever 3

      other than that good bye and good luck in your future lives


      Edit: I just hope the mods have the kindness to stop this from getting spamed by thoes bullys before the people who care about this get to read it