T4.0 Items Guide (old images)

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    • Very nice guide. But don't helmets reduced the training time, not increase it?

      Helmet Types
      There are 15 helmets (3 tiers of 5 types) available to find on Travian 4.0 servers, including helmets which can generate more hero experience, hero health, village culture and even increase the training time of your troops in the Barracks and Stables.
    • King Gu Gu wrote:

      How do you cancel an auction bid?

      If you have the highest bid on an item, unless someone outbids you the item will be yours. There is no way to cancel a bid on an item unfortunately.

      However, if you have placed a maximum bid of 15,000 Silver on an item and your current bid on it is only 13,000 Silver, you could lower your maximum bid. This would mean that if anyone bids anything higher than 13,000 they will have the highest bid and you will get back all of your Silver.

      Hope that helps :)
    • Right handed items

      I have a question about right handed items...

      Does the attack / defence bonus count for every troop of that type within your account, or just the ones which are currently fighting with your hero?


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    • Touched wrote:

      I have a question; if you bought say 10,000 gold and converted it all into silver that would give you 1,000,000 (1 million) silver? Couldn't you just buy lots of tablets of law and settle villages like crazy?

      I've only just started up on UK7 so I'm not too sure on the logistics, so don't shoot me down? ;D

      Don't you mean Artworks?

      All Tablets do is boost your Loyalty by 25 (for 100% loyalty) or by however many you need.
    • jawwwwsh wrote:

      Quick question, are the larger items only available as auctions to larger players, like is there a filtering system so small players sell to other small players etc?

      Nope, regardless of size, players can see all the items on the auction place. It's my understanding that sitters cannot see items put on the auction by the account they're sitting and vice versa, presumably to stop players from gaining an unfair advantage by controlling more than one account through the sitter function.
    • Quick question, are the larger items only available as auctions to larger players, like is there a filtering system so small players sell to other small players etc?
    • I don't think so, and I've never heard of such a system being in place. There is a small chance one might have been developed to counter-act various types of cheating...have you got any evidence of this happening? (I.e. by comparing the auction list from a small and a big account?)
    • jawwwwsh wrote:

      Quick question, are the larger items only available as auctions to larger players, like is there a filtering system so small players sell to other small players etc?
      The only restriction I know of is connection-types - you cannot see auctions from yourself, people you sit or people who sit you, including up to 24 hrs after a sitter's removal.

      I don't think there is anything in place regarding size. I view a T4 server and my account is small, I still have the option to buy all the items larger players can buy (i can tell because when i bid against others, the usernames holding the competing bids are from rank 1/2 players who are 20,000 pop higher than me)
    • The only reason I asked is because of the size of the auctions Avi posted in her example picture is orders of magnitude bigger than the server I just joined, which I believe is in the later half of its life.
    • TheWorldSpirit wrote:

      About cages if you attack witha hero with a army which cages held, will the hero still fight with teh army aswell as capturing the animals?

      When attacking an oasis with an army including a Hero that has Cages equipped, no fight will occur. The traps will be filled up (depending on the animals in the oasis) but there will be no fighting. As for attacking a village which has captured animals in it, you cannot capture animals from another oasis. You can only capture Nature troops that are in an unoccupied oasis.
    • A quick question which i dont think has been clarified!.....are you limited to 12 seperate types of items (obv stackable ones count as 1), so is the item window fixed at 12, or will it expand/have a page 2?
    • One of the things I've noticed about T4 auctions is how neglected some items are. You can pick up useful gear like standards for next to nothing, whilst a breastplate can go for huge amounts (despite the fact that a few club would give you the same bonus). Auctions often appear to be a tax on idiots, who like nice shiny hero stuff, without any consideration for how to play the game effectively. Having been on the wrong end of a zoo early on, I recognise that many of the new geegaws can be used effectively, but much of the armour etc is just so much tinsel. Maps rule, shields suck.
    • Excellent explanation of the hero things.

      Isn't there a Heavy Armour of Regeneration? Which is +80 health points per day?

      I think you have missed that out.

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    • As far as I know there is

      20 Points per day Light scale Armour
      30 Points per day Scale Armour
      40 Points per day Heavy scale Armour

      40 Points per day Armour of Regeneration
      80 Points per day Heavy Armour of Regeneration

      60 Points per day Armour of Health