How has travian affected/changed your life?

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    • How has travian affected/changed your life?

      now. im sitting here. soon going to bed to wake up early tomorrow. and i was wondering. how would my life be and how has travian changed it if it wasnt for it? ive played travian now since 2009. and im wondering. if id avoided it. where would i be? i remember i used to cut my neighbours grass in the area to buy gold. ( almost all of my earnings where spent on gold) now. have it given me a drive to work for what i want? or have it just been a waste. these are the things im thinking about. thoughts? how it might have changed your life id love to hear your take on it :)
    • Hawk wrote:

      The forum is being slightly re-arranged due to the merge, but the thread is still open if you want to discuss the topic.

      I wouldn't have had the opportunity to help support the Travian community had I not have found Travian :)
      Nerd! :b

      I got to meet crunch because of trav! <3
      Look what I found of mine from the old UK forum!

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    • Having played a lot of travian from 2008-2011 and made good friends / contacts with several people, it's been nice to start playing again in the last 18 months after a self imposed exile from the game while I attempted to be an adult.

      Having come back and seen lots of changes, some of the people I knew 6-7 years ago are still around which is always great as there's loads to catch up on. Maybe it's just because I'm a bit older now but travian seems to be a lot more social. I just wish there was a way server numbers could be increased as the game seems to be dwindling.

      For me it's a nice comfort at the end of a long day to catch up with friends or foes and have a natter, once I've sorted the real life stuff out.
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