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    These thread is dedicated to the upcoming Egyptian tribe that will be available during our annual special. This concept art shows some typical melee weapons used by the Egyptian infantry. The khopesh (picture 3) is one of the most famous weapons.

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  • Egyptian Troops stats

    Now the time has come to have a closer look on the stats of the Egyptian troops!

    The strong economy and efficient organization of the Egyptians cause relatively cheap unit production, when it comes to small units. Their strength lies in their numbers. Tier 1 is an extremely cheap defensive unit, that will have trouble in an evenly numbered fight but they tend to bring their friends!

    Tier 2 is entirely different: Unusually expensive and rather well trained in defense and attack, this unit will be the backbone of many Egyptian armies. They can carry a lot with them so what you will spend on training them, might just come back to you as loot!

    Tier 3 is unusually weak against attackers on horseback but packs a punch when attacking the enemy - they won’t be a popular sight for your opponents.

    Tier 4 is the Egyptians‘ Scout - not as fast as the scouting riders of the Huns but they will get the job done.

    Tier 5 is going to be the most important unit of an Egyptian’1s defense. Only half as expensive as Tier 6 and almost as quick as a Scout, they will rush to the aid of villages under attack.

    Tier 6 on the other hand might burn a hole in your wallet but your enemy will never think you invested in the wrong unit. The defensive skills of these riders will even stop the wildest Huns in their attack but don’t be fooled: Tier 6‘s attacks will also be a force to reckon with.

    As you might expect, if an Egyptian Army is at your doors and intents to stay: they might bring Rams and Catapults with them - but not as many as other armies, since Egyptian builders are expensive and charge a lot for their Catapults.

    What you think about Egyptian army? Leave us your comments in the discussion thread! (Link to the discussion thread).
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    Travian: Legends US/UK


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  • In this year’s annual special Travian: Fire and Sand, each tribe’s hero has a unique ability. The Egyptians are master builders and architects. Therefore, they need resources - which is why the Egyptian hero produces twice as many resources.
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    Travian: Legends US/UK


  • The Egyptians, being the great builders that they are, focus on an economic approach to many things. Their special building is called Waterworks. It will increase the bonus of the oases, that are connected to the village, in which the Waterworks are built.
    If you are considering to make use of this advantage, keep in mind, that you first need to build your Hero‘s mansion up to level 10 and you need to have at least one oasis connected to the village. On level 1, the Waterworks will cost you 650 Lumber, 670 Clay, 650 Iron and 240 Crops but those costs will grow pretty steadily.


  • The Egyptian Stone wall has durability of the Teuton Earth wall and it gives bonus similar to Gaul palisade.

    Other main features
    • Very cheap and quickly trained basic unit
    • Good defensive units
    • The stone wall is very difficult to destroy
    • Weak attack
    • Merchants can carry 750 resources (speed 16 fields/hour)
    • Hero’s resource production is doubled
    • Additional building: Waterworks, increasing oasis bonus
    • Nomarch lowers enemy village loyalty by 20-25 %