How to change your username

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    • How to change your username

      Hey guys,

      I can see that many of you do not like the new username(like Eric Rasputin_AU) you got when your account got merged with the new forum. This thread will show you how to change your username.

      1. On the top left corner you can access your profile.
      2. Go to account management
      3. You should be able to see an option to change your username. Change it to whatever you like.

      Good day and good luck.

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    • Unfortunately, no. m.hudson's post was put up moments before users had access, and Eric's was 36 hours later.
      But, it DOES strip out the important info from m.hudson's entire post, when you only want to change your username.

      Be aware that once changed, you can't change it again for another six months.

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    • I swear it wasn't there when I first logged into the new forums. I found Hudson's post on UK before I found it here and even then, both of those after I found Eric's (which helps to exemplify how tumultuous the changeover was).
      In any case, I'm done with posting in an otherwise complete thread / guide post.
      Sorry for the spam Eric.

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