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    • Hello all,

      This post is to explain a little about the Hall of Fame (HoF), specifically how data is collected and how we, as a community can ensure that we add to it with each passing server. When a server has finished we need access to one account. So if your server is about to finish, or has just finished, please email...

      I will need access to your in-game account. So please provide your...

      In-game name and password

      All information we collect is first stored in MS Excel files, this means in case of forum switches (lol) we have back-up data. I will post these MS Excel files in here, when we have finished uploading the current info to the forum. In the past, users have commented that these files were great for tracking personal goals, like getting a top 100 hammer, for example.

      To make the Server Records, you or your alliance must finish in the top 10 of the one of the categories. We do not collect data beyond this the top 10. Please understand that taking down all the data takes time, and this line was drawn a long time ago.

      To make the Hammer Records, you need to produce a hammer that is either 100k wheat, 5k cata or 5k ram. These hammers should be used against a WW target or affiliate. This means that it targets a WW, artifact or another strategic target. If it is sitting in your account come the end of server, unused, it will not be recorded. If you get permanently banned and it is not used, it will not be recorded. This is all in the interest of being fair to those that use their WWK and WWR for their intended purpose, and do so within the rules of the game.

      If you wish me to explain anything in more detail, please feel free to email me, or contact me on the forum. Note that the email is the quickest way.

      Adam, aka MOD Bloated Fish_UK
      If your server has just finished, please send an email to modbloatedfish@gmail.com so I can take down the server information for the Hall of Fame

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