Protesting the Rollout of New UI Tomorrow

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    • Protesting the Rollout of New UI Tomorrow

      I imagine this post will do absolutely nothing, but I would like to post my feedback somewhere so that hudson can send it to HQ or it can be seen by others.

      I would like to protest the rollout of the new home page on the US domain tomorrow morning. I understand why it was rolled out on COM and AU to do live testing yet despite this there are still many bugs and I see threads throughout the forums on ways you still have to actively work around bugs (One example being the registration/activation work around). The load times for the home page are also still abysmal. Until these errors are fixed, I don't understand why HQ doesn't attempt to fix these issues instead of forcing these issues onto more and more of their player base. As someone who doesn't know the coding behind the game or it's UI I can not offer any constructive feedback on how to fix these issues, but I feel that they are things that should be fixed before you force more and more paying customers to just deal with issues. All it does is alienate the player base and cause general unhappiness for all, as the players are unhappy and HQ gets more unhappy feedback.
    • Since there isn't a discussion thread for the new interface, I figured here is as good as any place to offer my first opinions on the interface:

      At first load times were pretty atrocious, but now that all the new files seem to be cached, it actually runs about the same as the old version.

      The visual color scheme and button/box design is fine, for the most part it seems pixel count was upped, shading was improved, and the interfaces got squarer. I was afraid the new design would be over-the-top, as designers who get carried away often do. But I actually kind of like this, I could get used to it. The one area that looks odd is the white tabs, like in the marketplace and auction house. When I first load the page, there is an extra black line at the bottom of each tab (ie "Send Resources" or "Buy") that makes the tabs look like buttons, not tabs. It gives of an early 00s website vibe. But I'm also aware it's not supposed to do that, as when I hover over the tab, the line vanishes. So my guess is that there's some weird browser code version conflict going on here, as I only get this line when using Chrome (and not on Firefox or IE).

      The biggest issue I have is with scaling. The side bars grew in size a lot, but nothing else did. They dominate the page despite having relatively little purpose other than navigation; and navigation bars should never be the focal point of a page. It should be the game. It feels like I'm looking at my village through a window, especially on the village screen. Therefore, I'd like to suggest giving the village some more breathing space in the layout or narrowing the bar some. The margins in each box are unnecessarily large, and the content of each box seems to be floating on an island. The round buttons and hero icon also now look pretty comically small, as if they were afterthoughts pinned on just before shipping. In addition, boxes with lots of empty space shouldn't be left aligned in general. It just looks... off a bit. In particular, the white spaces next to my hero name, alliance name, and village name are very eye-catching, which we don't really want blank space to be. In the previous version, there was less vertical margin and the circular buttons were relatively larger and offset a bit downward, this mean that they broke up the blank space. Now, we have way more blanks space, it's still offset to the side by left-aligned text, and we have nothing breaking it up because the buttons moved up and didn't scale with the boxes.

      I was also concerned about everything I've heard about mobile issues, since I play primarily on mobile. With that said, I guess I have the magic browser and phone combination, because I've had no issues. That's not to negate the problem; I think allowing any issues with mobile is an egregious mistake considering the number of players who do play on mobile. If I were hq, fixing this would be my #1 priority, and I'm aware of the "as is" policy, but they should know that's an awful mistake. With that said, it is noticeably slower on mobile, even after caching. I wonder if a solution wouldn't be to allow the "with low bandwidth (internet connection speed)" checkbox to load a simple version, or maybe even the old version to allow more compatibility and speed. I don't know how the code is organized, so I'm not really sure how much effort that would be; so I understand if this idea gets shot down. But that would be a really cool update that I would very much appreciate, both for mobile and for when I have a weak internet signal, and I'm sure a lot of others would as well.

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    • The new skin is horrible for me to use, but I'm just doing what I can to make it work.

      In making the actual working parts smaller - from the village displays to the reports - Travian HQ continues to say very clearly that it does not want older players with vision issues or players working primarily from mobiles and tablets to play its games.

      Well, we already knew that.
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