looking for dual closed beta

    • Closed Beta: Fire and Sand
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    • looking for dual closed beta

      hey :P
      my name is roy im from israel
      im 17 years old
      gameworld name : ME AGAIN
      im searching for a dual
      dual needs to be friendly :P
      3 hours a day +
      minimum english( i have bad english :D )
      need to fund some gold like i did.. we have left 1 gold LOLLL :D
      about the account :
      have gold club
      had bonuses and plus its over today..
      really nice account
      sitting on 125% c 15
      started build horses yesterday for raiding we have nice farms in our area..
      otherwise im searching for a good ally ,i want to know good players here and play with them next speed server :P
      Send me a PM here to share further contact information

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