Server 4, anyone?

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    • Server 4, anyone?

      I know this is a new forum but there doesn't seem to be any conversation for any other server besides US1. What's happenin' in US4?

      It was VERY quiet until artifacts dropped. I haven't played in a few years but it all just about looks the same from T4 back then.

      600 Registered "players" means like 300 actual players, right? And out of those, is this why my five-man band is 14th on the alliance listing?
      Playing on and off since 2008. I should be in US1 but I just don't have the time.
    • So a month later and we can sum up this server pretty fast.

      3 alliances at the top:

      1. DRAX-Dr. Apex
      Combined forces of Dr/Apex/RSW. Lots of solid accounts as the top of the leaderboard will show. Will likely be consistent top raiders til the end and are consolidating their position. Emerged as the frontrunner.

      2. CnH-Been together for some time now concentrated mostly in the gray but extend into the NW & SW. Tough to tell who is running the show but from the amount of villages I've lost to them in the last week (*sigh*) there is certainly some coordination going on. Call them a close second at the moment.

      3. TC-True Colors-The remnants of Revenge & RNE. Haven't really seen a lot of action in the NE since our sponsors deleted/abandoned so tough to tell their relative strength. They've taken a WW early so their plans are clear. Not a lot of competition in their area so cross-quad will need to be the play if anyone wants to test the waters. Not quite Charlie Day wildcard status but close.
    • I would rather play on a quiet server where people actually enjoy playing Travian than go back to us1, where there seem to be a bunch of bored veteran players who turn the game into their personal drama, try to find "new ways" to play or try to impress each other with their Spear hammers and Rat anvils.