Guide / Help to raiding Natar Villages?

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    • Guide / Help to raiding Natar Villages?

      Is there a guide or how to raid the natar villages without suffering such significant losses? I currently farm 75 or so villages and am losing 10 swords and 5 or 6 TT's with every batch of raids. I have tried increasing the number of troops but still suffer 50 sword losses and 25 or 30 Tt's losses a day.
    • Hey there honor,

      Raiding Natars draws some pretty mixed opinions among players, some saying its a good idea with others very against it. An important tip if you do want to raid Natars is catapults. Send some waves of catapults to Natar villages around you. The villages will slowly rebuild so this will have to be maintained, but it is pretty much the only way to reduce losses outside of sending 500 troops to each village. Destroy the following buildings: main building, barracks, stable. Also, accompany with rams to make sure the wall doesn't build up. I'm 90% certain that Natars will never build residences, but maybe send out a few scouts looking for defense to double-check that before you quote me. If they do build residences, take those out as well. Walls and residences have the potential to kill troops even when there are no defenders. Any time more troops show up in a village, repeat the process and clear out the military buildings.
    • They will build residences, but if you keep the main building down they won't get a chance to. I also seem to recall that they actually build all their troops in the barracks so you can ignore the stables.
      I'm not convinced that raiding natars is worth it but if you are losing 50,000 resources worth of troops every day it's probably not.
      Edited to add:
      You'll find that mixed troop raids are quite a bit more durable than single troop raids. Rather than send 10 TTs on a raid send 5 TTs and 5 Haeds (or even 4 Swords, 4 TTs and 4 Haeds).
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    • Thank you for the advise. I had been using rams and taking down walls but have not tried cats. I did elevate to as many as 50 swords and I still would lose one to three of them more often then not. While I may lose 50k in troops I was gaining slightly more in receipts.
    • I can send as many as 150 Imps and they can still get hit badly (10 killed) from raids. It largely depends on who else raids. The upside to me occasionally losing 10 Imps in a raid is that there's a higher bounty which is helping me push cap fields. Once those are done, preserving troops will be more important to me. Does seem a bit pointless though to spend res on troops to lose them, but currently the bounty outweighs the cost.

      As mentioned above, raiding Natars has become a bit of a balancing act. I've never liked mixing the troop types personally, but I may give it a try on the more aggressive natar villages I'm raiding.
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    • FWIW I tried yesterday the tactic of reducing troop numbers in raids to very low levels and raiding from the farm list 2.5x as many times as I had previously. Monumental failure. Despite a nearly full barracks and stable I actually ended up the day with less troops though I did gain more resources the one day losses were staggering. Holding back raids today, building up troop count and will reverse course using all troops in mass hoping for smaller losses. Cats on the way to closest natars already but I need more cats to get to them in volume.

      Cats are helping. Slow but I'm a third of the way thru my natars and have lost only a couple of swords since starting.. I noticed they will produce in a stable after barracks is gone FYI
    • Well that is the main problem there. You need to increase the levels of those troops.

      Then you need to adjust how many troops you send to each natar village, small villages maybe 5 troops while larger get at least 20.

      I normally only farm natars with 15 TK's, however you are a gaul and most gauls I know farm with swords and haeds for natars not TTs.
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    • Raiding is a full time job. You need to watch out for losses and as soon as you spot a yellow sword, take action.

      What the others have said mostly sums it up. Post-arti, when the player numbers drop, the natar villages are usually the primary source of income for raiders.
      Your primary focus here should be:
      1. Level 20 troops.
      2. Moving farms to a secondary list as soon as you spot a yellow/red sword.

      Maybe once or twice a day, send catas to each one of the Natars in the secondary list and then move them to the primary list once the catas land.

      Mixed troop types for raiding Natars have almost always helped me so you should definitely give that a try.
    • kit wrote:

      Delusional_US wrote:

      just don't raid natars and call it a day
      Since raiding is natars is part of the daily quests its hard to call it a day without raiding them. :saint:
      But yeah, I don't much like the costs and effort involved in farming natars when there are lovely inactive accounts around.
      I don't know what mid-game is like on the US servers, but on the domains that I've played, the only people left by day 150 are members of the major alliances. Numbers usually go down to 300-400. Then, you won't really find a lot of inactives.