AuX - Thank you for the quick response

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    • AuX - Thank you for the quick response

      Dear Players,

      The AUX server has started with a wrong speed. Due to this we have to close the current server and the same will restarted on following date. The speed server AUX will be restarting as a T4.4 server as per the below schedule.

      Server Restart : 05 September 2017 - 05:00:00 hours GMT + 10 hours

      All the gold that is spend on the server will refund in the form of Gold Transfer links and we will added additional 20 gold as compensation to all the registered players.

      We apologize once again for the inconvenience caused.

      As usual, in case of any doubts and/or clarification, you can always reach out to me. Hope to see you all there in our brand new server in a brand new version.

      AU/NZ CM


      This has to be a joke.
      You could have responded sooner with this and not 17h into the server.
      A lot of time and effort has been wasted due to your lack of awareness (referring to the travian team and not dario as he/she is just the person updating us with this information)
      Not only was the speed messed up but the registration link didnt work either.
      On top of that when you guys did "fix" the speed, heros prod wasn't fixed, and god knows how many other glitches.
      These last 24h have been an example of how the travian team has been like for the past few years.

      The same issue with registration happened in the closed beta server
      and now wallah. once again. (who knows maybe on more servers as well)
      There has to be a lack of brain cells to repeat the issue multiple times

      But thank you for responding. I mean 17h is a good response time. right?
      not like the admins shouldve been online at the start of the server to see if their own server was ok and not screwed!! no no. enjoy your sleep. not like this is your job or anything.
      Being told that the au/nz admins were not awake yet was just the cherry on top for all this bs.


      The 20 gold will be too much to spend as well, so please dont send that much.

      (forgot about the compensation gold being given. Ofc have to add some sarcastic remark to that as well)
      They see me rolling
      They hating

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