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    • To be more accurate the T&C state the following

      Terms & Conditions wrote:

      (5) The user is only entitled to use the game via customary web browsers. Any additionaluse via additional programs, scripts or other supporting tools is expressly prohibited.

      When it comes to external sites the follow also apply

      TravianGames wrote:

      • Use of legally protected pictures, photos, graphics, videos, pieces of music, sounds, texts, brand names, titles, names, software or other contents without the consent of the holder(s) of the rights or having permission to do so by law or legal provision.

      • Taking measures which lead to an overload of the servers and/or can considerably adversely affect the game play for other users.

      • Hacking or cracking and the encouragement or incitement to carry out hacking or cracking.

      • Uploading of files containing viruses, Trojan horses, worms or destroyed data.

      • Use or dissemination of “auto“ software programs, “macro“ software programs or other “cheat utility“ software programs.

      • Modification of the game, the websites of the game or parts thereof.

      • Disruption of transmissions from and to the game servers and the website servers of the game.

      • Infiltration of game servers or the website servers of the game. .

      • Use of software that enables what is referred to as “data mining“ or in any other manner intercepting or gathering information related to the game.

      These are part of the T&C as well as make up the Fan Site Policy. If a site complys with the above then it is classed as tolerated IE its permitted but not endorced or supported by TravianGames.

      If a site does not comply with the terms and fan site policy then legal action could be taken to close that site, given the cost and time to do so I would imagine only the most serious offenders would be chased and we all know how easy it is to register a new domain name and host content so it would be a never ending battle, but the option is there for TG Legal to apply for take down notices to protect their copyrights, trademarks, designs and intellectual property
      CM mhudson
      Community Manager
      Travian: Legends US/UK

    • kirilloid wrote:

      As for the rules/ToS text, I think it should be updated somehow. I understand, it might need some legal work to find a proper wordings, but currently it states "only normal browser is allowed", which might be confusing for users.
      Not everyone will go and read all announcements and blog posts to see whether there are amendments.

      m.hudson wrote:

      in much the same way that gettertools and killroid webpages are tolerated as the developers comply with all HQs requirements and don't add new features without contacting the company to discuss first whereas other similar tools are not permitted.
      This is a little offtopic, but since people are asking me...First of all, when it become forbidden to have ads on fan-sites, I stopped monetizing my project by showing ads mostly because the amount of money was too small. Maybe, I'm just bad at selling ads, but that's another story. Of course, if it were decent sum, I'd negotiate with TG to have healthy and mutually beneficial balance. For example, I could allow text-only ads, which would result in ads with everything but other browser games and everyone might be happy. AFAIR later TG allowed again to have ads on fan-sites, but now it doesn't matter for me.

      Another thing is "comply with all HQs requirements" might look like I'm a mere marionette who cannot make a single step w/o "higher approval". The field for my tools is such that it's hard to violate rules. For most features I don't need to ask permissions explicitly. Not because I can do whatever I want, but just because no part violates TravianGames rules anyway.
      At some point I considered tracking upcoming server and create announces. I asked TG whether it's OK to crawl front-pages daily and got a permission.
      Apart from that I'm an independent developer. They don't send updates personally to me, I don't violate fan-site policy (At least, I use their graphics, which is copyrighted). Everyone is happy =)
      you're the actual dude behind kiriloid?
      Massive respect fella, that thing is amazing.

      Sorry for bold, I'm on the phone so to un-bold stuff would be a nightmare (as you can see from that statement I won't be making any programmes XD

      I'm not sure if you take requests nor how you would deal with them but a culture point versus resources sim calculator for planning villages would be amazing. No idea how you would manage it but I've also no idea how you've done half the awesome things you have :)

      Edit: I thought you were called killroid for the longest time

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    • Ok, I got it, TG tolerates usage of intellectual property, fair. Agreed. For me, as end user, it does not matter who owns copyright on an icon.

      m.hudson wrote:

      They can stop releasing the map files that getter rely on.
      in no way this is getter specific i.e. You can't say TG tolerates getter by releasing the data.

      This is perfect example of indirect promotion actually. The file is the foundation for many tools. Most of in game analytic, offensive and defensive planning, raiding etc is based on the released data. Combined with individual voluntary effort of various tools creators it's probably worth more than copyright on all icons combined. I maybe wrong but the day TG stops releasing the data they may as well shut HQ doors. Leadership of all alliances would leave for sure.

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    • Meme wrote:

      notorious crunchie wrote:

      you're the actual dude behind kiriloid? Massive respect fella, that thing is amazing.
      so glad it's not just me who is star struck by the real and actual true life Kirilloid making an appearance and talking to us!
      That's nothing, I've talked to him in Skype, in real-time.

      Hopefully some of that groupie magic rubs off on me now..
      ..And that is the Final Word.