Cancel construction assignement

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    • Cancel construction assignement

      I would like the opportunity to cancel upgrading a building without losing any resources within 30 seconds to one minute after upgrading it. The same way you can recall troops when you send them. This timer should be canceled immediately with an incoming attack, or this feature will be misused as a temporary (and potentially huge) cranny.
    • That would be cool,

      Level 11 residence instead of a settler.... so many times

      Would be very difficult to implement what you have in mind though as your point about substitute cranny. if like me you have incoming 24/7 on most servers then you'll never be able to cancel anything. Also it will prevent anti chiefing mechanics.

      I get where you're coming from but it'll never happen :(

    • Added this idea to the wish-list.

      Feedback from HQ

      Yes, you've already mentioned the reason: The mechanic is like this because of the potentially huge cranny. Right now you can use the mechanic like that, but you will pay resources for that.

      A different solution would be that successful attacks, or non defended raids cancel all buildings in progress and give the resources as potential bounty - like market orders behave.

      Right now we don't have intentions to change this feature... but once we overhaul it, we take your feedback into consideration.

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