Travian: Fire & Sand Discussion Thread

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    • The Moment You Know wrote:

      Tiny Clanger_UK wrote:

      I'm an Egyptian in this ..... trying it out to see how it is (like 50% of the players).

      I thought initially that the mass of cheap to build defence would be good against roman hammers ..... now i'm thinking about how I can feed enough of them to make it worthwhile .... and they are sooo slow.

      Wishing I was a Gaul already :)
      Feeding is really not that tough if you're an Egyptian. Take a good look at the Waterworks.. Your croppers become ridiculously valuable if you do it right.
      I'm not sure if on a 'normal' server I could raid enough quick enough to get a decent cropper before the other tribes. Having seen the youtube video from one of the developers, he was saying the cheap troops are for quick creation of defence in some circumstances. If i could get a 150% C15 with a waterworks in it ... and fill it with Anhur Guard (like druids for Gauls) then that would work well for me. There's an 'if' in that :)