Hero adventures-3: Journey to Egypt

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  • m.hudson wrote:

    Mark Atilius was in a really good mood when he finally stretched his legs on the bed. Local merchants almost fought for those small figurines he had brought from his last adventure, he sold them fast and for quite good money. For once he didn’t choose the cheapest tavern, as he usually did, but a good decent inn with a clean bed. And now, lying on the bed giving some rest to his legs, he recalled times, times of when he started as a caravan driver, then became an adventurer. And though since that time he had to make ends meet by buying some small things in one place and selling them in the other, there were days when he didn’t even have a piece of bread for dinner, he has never regretted his choice. Adventures and travels became everything to him.

    Lost in memories, he didn't notice that he fell asleep. A strange sound woke him up and a dark shadow outside the window disappeared in thin air as fast as it had appeared. He felt tingles down his spine - his room was on the third floor! Despite all of this, the ex-caravan driver got up and looked outside. There was no one. He turned back around to the bed, and was about to get a good night sleep, when suddenly a small piece of parchment near the door attracted his attention. It wasn't here before. A message! And a ciphered one!


    Qrne Zaex!

    V nz fher lbh’ir urneq gur arjf: bhe Rzcrebe frg sevraqfuvc jvgu gur Rtlcgvnaf! V vaivgr lbh gb wbva zr ba zl geniry gurer!


    C.F. Gnyx gb gur zrffratre, ur’yy gryy lbh nyy gur qrgnvyf!

    Task 1: Decipher the message.

    Please post your answers to the task below. Posts are moderated and not viable until the next task is posted[/b]

    Dear Mark!

    I am sure you’ve heard the news: our Emperor set friendship with the Egyptians! I invite You to join me on my travel there!


    P.S. Talk to the messenger, he’ll tell you all the details!
  • The Winner of Task 1 and receiving 50 gold is


    The random number generator says posts :11 72 58 are the runners up winning 30 gold each are




    Well done to everyone who took part and especially those who spotted the couple of errors (Mark/Mnrk // Lucius/Lucivs) we accepted both answers as correct.

    The winners can claim their gold by sending me a PM with the server and account to be credited
    CM mhudson
    Community Manager
    Travian: Legends US/UK