Hero adventures 3: Journey to Egypt

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  • Hero adventures 3: Journey to Egypt

    Dear player,

    Following the tradition of introducing the new special server – this year it’s called Fire and Sand and featuring the 2 new tribes – with the quest series we’re happy to announce that the quest series will start 12.09, at 22:00 GMT+10!

    This time our brave adventurer Mark Atilius faces yet another tough challenge and will have to solve really tricky tasks in order to save his friend’s life. Join him on this path and help him on the way to the Legendary Egyptian pyramids!
    • The quest series will last 5 days. First task will be posted on forum on the 12th of September at 22:00 GMT+10.
    • First player who gives the correct answer to the task of the day will get 50 gold on their account!
    • 3 more randomly chosen players who successfully solve the task of the day will get 30 gold each.
    • Another set of prizes 3x150 gold will be rewarded to 3 lucky players, chosen randomly among those who will correctly solve all the tasks! But that’s not all! All players, who will solve correctly all the tasks of the quest series will get a special user title on our forum!
    Don’t miss your chance to win some gold and fame!

    Your Travian: Legends Team

    Another important thing - since the difficulty of the tasks is increasing, there might happen that we'll have less than 5 players who will solve all the tasks. In this case the additional reward in the end of the quest series will be distributed among those who'll have 4 correct answers.

    Here is the quick link to each day task:
    1. Day 1
    2. Day 2
    3. Day 3
    4. Day 4
    5. Day 5


    Day 1

    Sl No.NameGold

    Day 2

    Sl No.NameGold

    Day 3

    Sl No.NameGold

    Day 4

    Sl NoNameGold

    Day 5

    Sl No.NameGold

    Grand Prize Winners
    1. WaguL
    2. regretvoltaire
    3. jetio4

    Users Won special user title

    1. WaguL
    2. regretvoltaire
    3. jetio4
    4. JasonWazza
    Congratulations to all the winners

    PS: Winners are requested to contact through PM for claiming the reward

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  • – Heh, this journey promises to be really long. Who knows when and if we return back to the Roman Empire – Mark sighed. It really took a while but he found out which one of the caravans goes to the right place. We need to pack our bags too if we want to go with the right caravan. They won’t wait.

    Tarquinius jumped on his legs.

    –Sure! – he said enthusiastically - I have nothing to do here anymore. Just one thing – I need to take my property which I had left to a local alchemist. It's a really rare and valuable artifact, which belonged to my family hundreds of years and which my ancestor once brought home from his travel to Egypt. He believed that it was a key to all the secrets of the ancient pyramid builders. I didn’t risk taking it with me to the temporary camp, and the local alchemist promised to keep it for me.

    Mark's heart jumped up and went deep down to his heels.

    - Lucius - he asked with an uneasy feeling that the old toad had once again winded him around her finger. - What does the artifact look like? Tell me it's not an old rug with the clasp made of the river stone, which only really strange people would use as a belt?

    - Yes, exactly. It's an ancient pharaoh’s belt, which is the greatest treasure of our family. It’s covered with hieroglyphs which I hope to decipher when I will be inside the Khufu pyramid.

    Only now Lucius noticed the weird expression on Mark's face.

    - Mark, if you are about to say, that this waist belt was somehow lost, you better just bury me right here, under this wall.

    - Lucius... - Mark sat silent for a moment, but still couldn't find proper words. - Then maybe I'd rather say that we'll find it? I promise! Or for I am not Mark Atilius.

    This is the end of quest series.