Hero adventures 3: Journey to Egypt

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    • Hero adventures 3: Journey to Egypt


      I have a fewquestions....

      1) What kind of game is Hero adventures 3: Journey to Egypt?
      2) Hero adventures 3: Journey to Egypt is a game available only for those that play on fire and sand server, or everybody? If not why not make a story for the start of every server?
      3) If yes at second question, The gold won is available only on fire and sand server?

      This is my first post, I apologize for any mistake.

    • Hello Dragos and welcome to the forum,

      1) Well I cant give too many clues away but if you look at previous hero contests there could be some kind of mathematical question to answer or something to decypher. Each day from the 12th there will be a new question and you have until the next days post is made to answer.

      2) The contest is open to all players but is specifically aimed at Fire & Sands, while all the questions are answerable it helps to play to understand the answers.

      3) gold can only be credited on the domain it is won. So if you win UK contest you can receive your prize on any UK server

      I hope you will take part in the quiz
      CM mhudson
      Community Manager
      Travian: Legends US/UK