Easier way to find 9/15 cropper

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    • Easier way to find 9/15 cropper


      Is there an easier way to find a 9/15 cropper near by, theres one within by 13x13 but close to one of the top 259 (yet who is currently banned not sure how long that lasts for though?) I'm not really at a point where i think im ready to find a new village at any level yet should i jump on it whilst the larger player is banned?

    • Just hover your mouse over the un-occupied villages untill you find on that says "1 1 1 15" or "3 3 3 9"
      Do Not Use a Crop Finder, they are against the rules and can result with you being banned :p
    • croppers are prety damn easy to find just as they say by hovering, in about 5 mins of study you will find quite a few, I just sent my settlers out for a 9c and its only 6 hours away :D
    • I actually find that scanning for oases is usually a good guide to finding croppers - if there's a 50% oasis in the 7x7, it's worth checking each square for a cropper, if not, I tend to move on quickly.
    • try looking on the profiles of larger players, they often advertise locations of croppers.

      then you get to have all the fun of seeing how long you can keep it!!:D
    • This thread is eight years old.

      Travian includes a crop finder now. It lists all the croppers nearest you and you can select between 9 & 15c and choose the minimum oasis level. You'll see it by hovering over the icons in your map view, if you have Gold Club. :)
    • Helm Hammerhand_UK wrote:

      Elisa, I did not notice the timeline of the thread haha. Yes, travian has had a cropfinder for years now but then that is only if you have a Gold account - which most players do not.

      There is an other legal way, look at the map an remember how the tile looks like that you want to find.
      E.g.: 15C: 2 small horizontal lines. 9C empty.
      And then look if there are nice oases near it.
      in the example above, the 15C only has a 25% and the 9C 100%.
      There should be a other topic about those map-tiles on the forum.

      Note, a village already has 50% (baker and mill), this one will be added.
      15C with 25% = 15*(1+50%+25%) = 26.25 grain resource
      9C with 100% = 9*(1+50%+100%)=22,5 grain resource.. Grain resource: 15C with 25% is better than 9C with 100%.

      For someone without gold, a 7C with 150% is resource wise, better than 9C with 100%, but that's a different topic.

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