In need of a Mentor

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    • In need of a Mentor

      Hi have just started to play Fire and Sand UK and really need more guidance on game than gained with tutorial.
      Is anyone willing to tutor/mentor me so i can understand what I need to be doing and why I do it . I chose to be an Egyptian .
      Annat. (derived from 'this and that' innit ) .

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    • Thinking back to when I first started, I joined an alliance who were able to give me advice, from several players, all with different opinions. I was able to decide for myself based on the advice I had instead of playing it the way one person would. So my advice would be to look at joining an alliance. Depending on who you ask, you'll be able to find an alliance who can provide sitter checks, village settling advice, troop advice, etc. Most alliances will want to sitter check new players anyway to make sure you meet the basic requirements. Look for an alliance in your quad, though if an alliance is spread over more than one quad this may not be a huge issue as quad lines are a bit more flexible in the RoA/Fire & Sand servers. Because some of the aspects of Fire & Sand are quite new, a lot of players will be in a similar position to you.

      A few threads/posts which may help you for now though:

      "What's special about the special?" (Special vs Regular server)

      At the end of the thread above is a post which sums it up in a nice table

      If you have any issues finding an alliance that can answer your questions, feel free to post them here and the forum community can answer with their thoughts and opinions. :)
    • Annat wrote:

      Thanks but no thanks . This is not for me , too little interaction between 'players' whoever they may be .
      please share the money i spent out as unfairly as you wish .
      It's a shame I didn't see this post the day you posted. The forum, as it is, is still difficult to keep up on new threads/questions. I am unsure what your current Travian experience is: are you completely new to Travian or just the Fire & Sand version? If it is interaction that you're looking for, you won't find it too much on the forum. Game communication is mostly through Skype these days. Without Skype you're going to feel isolated and clueless, not your fault.

      If you're just new to the F&S version, then as Hawk says, joining an alliance is best way to go. People will do their best to bring you up to speed.
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    • Annat wrote:

      completely new and very disillusioned about the whole set up . Poor information for those that are new. Good luck with encouraging new blood into the game .
      It is unfortunate that you're quitting so easily. Most of the veterans over here didn't have a mentor. We learned through people bashing us over and over again. And one day, one guy who bashed us felt sorry for us and taught us the game. That's how we all grew up here and we stayed.
      You are asking to be spoon fed in a game of war and strategy. If you want to learn the basics, then there is Travian answers. But if you want to learn the intricacies, then trial and error is the way.

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    • This game is probably one of the most tactical war games out there, that rewards your patience and strategy plus requires collaboration.

      If you think you are willing to put that effort in over time then its for you. If you want to flick your finger on your phone to break some marbles then put your phone down 2 minutes later and forget about it forever because that is your total attention span, then it's not for you.

      This game will help you and reward your strategic planning and analysis, long-term planning. It's graphics are not amazing and it's the community (not forum here) that makes it. Some of us are in contact with people for years who we play with. If you want to be part of that you need to join an alliance and get into the fraternity :)
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    • Annat wrote:

      Thanks but no thanks . This is not for me , too little interaction between 'players' whoever they may be .
      please share the money i spent out as unfairly as you wish .
      If you were interested in playing at 3x speed I'm sure we can find ya a mentor. Speed is a lot more fun then the snail server you were trying to figure out.
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