comx thread (this ones better)

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    • TurkC wrote:

      Tama_BA wrote:

      Turks ? really 10 k mashin ? .....

      u will see what we have in 10.00 server time :D
      Istanbul off hammer have been produced without artifacts and robbery. If you have better off hammer under the same circumstances, I would like to see that. 10 ally + 1 doh have sent def there have been 21 mil def. It is normal that we could do no dmg to the WW :)
      I need to correct you there.
      People who sent deff in our WW respective:
      1. ALIENS
      2. Aegina
      3. SE
      4. YD, DoH, Heroes!
      5. Your ally
      6. Natars
      7. Multihunter
      8. NATO
      9. China
      10. Mayas
      11. French Polynesia
      12. Gibraltar
      13. Sauron
      14. Gandalf
      15. Alexander the great
      16. Pope
      17. Napoleon
      18. Hule
      19. Zoran Kulina
      20. Vladimir Putin
      21. Bashar al Assad
      22. Ramo sa kruznog toga
      and ofc Angela Merkel

      So please be more precise next time now you have full list of contributors.

    • On the last server, I found out the secret how to found a top ally

      1. you only build your villages
      2. If you are attacked and destroyed you will not defend yourself.
      3. You do not resist the attack
      4. You only defend yourself well 1-2 times
      5 You send your def to the WW where have the best chance to win the game
      6 From the beginning to the end of the round you use only a small hammer except for 1-2 and wait until the round is done

      this way you will be a top ally

      Made by DoH :D
    • TurkC wrote:

      On the last server, I found out the secret how to found a top ally
      Is that in comparison to Istanbul? 8|
      DoH had a poor round agreed, but what do Istanbul ever do? :S
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    • Daz,everyone knows that you are very good player. not an agreement
      Extra deff for Aliens
      For Doh escaping
      This is called cowardice In the battlefield
      My reaction to those who see us like sub-unity,you cant be upper unity with populations,without escape you can be upper unity)) When it comes to us, unfortunately, we had much off-arm left in our hand. I apologized one by one from my friends. I could not know that union acting like a great union would be so small like yours :)