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    • Cata question

      What happens when a catapult hits a building that's currently being upgraded? Does it stop upgrading or is it immune to the cata? If it stops, do you get the resources back?
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    • The building will continue being upgraded, but only to the level it will be after the cata hit.

      So if you are upgrading a building to level 20, and it gets destroyed, your building is then being "upgraded" to level 1.

      However, the buildtime doesn't change, and you don't get a refund in resources to make the price equivalent to a level one building. So quite often, you'd be better off canceling the building upgrade, and start a new, since you'll get a refund on some of the res, and shorten building time dramatically (if the catas take significant levels off of your building). This is of course keeping in mind building prerequisites - if those have been destroyed, it might be better to let it build the building, rather than starting over with rebuilding the prerequisites for it first

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