• Speed 3x

    • Possible alliances for upcoming comx:
      DoH - Multiple time winners of comx, one of the stronger teams to have come to comx.
      ALIENS - Balkan meta. Won by a landslide last time they came, had around 40M def on construction plan release
      My ally - Nubs, nothing great
      Leading ally from itx - 13 time winners of itx
      ISTANBUL - Nubs
      ANTS - Portugese nubs
      Spanish ally - Recently entered comx domain, and won the first comx they played.
      Heroes - Notorious German ally. Probably the best team ive seen play
      Gold Co - Gave some competition to Heroes this last dex, and have dominated comx a few years ago

      This is how comx is shaping up to be so far. Gonna be a high level of skill (and high level of gold usage too probably hehe). But the more alliances which show up the better. We're just here to invite you to this server.

      8th october. Hope to see you guys there :D
      They see me rolling
      They hating
    • pipo_soto wrote:

      Can I become your dual :p
      One can not just become a dual. One must be a dual.
      Bo knows! Mace are like bees... a few of them are harmless but a swarm will kill you.
      Blah blah blah.... been playing sense US started then quit that domain. Im morbid/pika/thrawn/noob juice etc....
      I've played on all the English speaking servers many many times along with a few others I never understood a single IGM sent to me.