MEH is recruiting!!!!!

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    Important reminder! On Tuesday, 28th August 2018 at 10:00 UTC we will ask you to accept the new Terms and Conditions while logging in your game account. Only the owner of the account will be able to accept them. The sitters won't be able to enter the account until the owner accept them.

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    • MEH is recruiting!!!!!

      Dear all,

      I know most of you are stuck in crap alliances with little idea how to escape the daily chores set by people you have no trust in. Don't worry, the solution is here. It's called MEH. MEH gives a MEH.

      MEH prefers you close, but MEH doesn't discriminate. We don't give a MEH, if you're 400 squares away. For more information look up MEH alliance on UK19, answer the required questions on the in game forum and we can work from there.