[UK] The treasure map

The Tournament 2018 Qualification has started!
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  • Hey Folks

    The Winners of the UK Contest selected by RNG are as followed




    The Correct answer was of course (19|-64) F&S Players will recognise this as the location of the server Multihunter's village.

    (The full path is: (0|0) -> (10|0) -> (10|15) -> (-22|15) -> (-22|-30) -> (20|-30) -> (20|-47) -> (19|-47) -> (19|-64))

    Well done to everyone who entered especially if this was your first contest.

    Please can the winners contact me by PM with the details of the UK server/account you wish to receive the gold

    Domain: UK
    CM mhudson
    Community Manager
    Travian: Legends US/UK