[US] The treasure map

  • I started my way from the zero coordinates (0|0).
    In order to through the chasers off the trail I kept changing travel speed and direction.

    So, first I rode East for 1 hour with the paladin speed,

    then turned North and travelled with the cohort of fire catapults for 5 hours .

    Then I had to turn West and travelled as a druidrider for another 2 hours.

    I joined a group of settlers who were heading South and they let me travel with them and get some rest in their cart for 9 hours.

    A group of clubswingers heading East were my next company for another 6 hours.

    When they arrived to the place, I exchanged some gold to silver and bought a Thoroughbred on the local auction.
    So, I turned South and rode this beautiful horse for 1 hour with the Roman hero speed.

    On the crossroads I met the senator, but we’ve been travelling West for just 15 minutes
    when he decided that he might find better use for my gold and told his guards to kill me,

    therefore for the next hour I was forced to fly for my life to the South with the speed of pathfinder.

    After that I had no strength left, so I buried my gold right there.

    He buried the gold there: -26/-19
  • Hey Folks

    The Winners of the US Contest selected by RNG are as followed




    The Correct answer was of course (19|-64) F&S Players will recognise this as the location of the server Multihunter's village.

    (The full path is: (0|0) -> (10|0) -> (10|15) -> (-22|15) -> (-22|-30) -> (20|-30) -> (20|-47) -> (19|-47) -> (19|-64))

    Well done to everyone who entered especially if this was your first contest.

    Please can the winners contact me by PM with the details of the US server/account you wish to receive the gold

    Domain: US
    CM mhudson
    Community Manager
    Travian: Legends US/UK