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    • Let me point out the flaws in your argument.

      Schneeente wrote:

      No matter who or what.
      It does matter who or what. It might not matter to you. But it does matter to the people involved in the report. If someone says no to sharing their information, it is completely reasonable. Reports tend to reveal A LOT. If you don't understand that, then no point.

      Schneeente wrote:

      Especially if the defense was seen anyway.. no need to hold back.
      If you are talking about reports where the hammer died, but got to see the defense, yes you are right.
      If you are not, then its stupid af, no need to explain why.

      Schneeente wrote:

      And it was you who posted a censored report, not us.

      HEROES were the one who did not share the full report in the Tom Petty vs Mr.Bean case. If you do not share the full report how tf am i supposed to post it? Same applies to the other alliances. It is in fact your opponents who provided me the full report. So if you guys want me to post full reports, YOU HAVE TO GIVE THEM TO ME. I mean it is literally impossible for me to get them otherwise. And if you do not wish to provide full reports, it is completely fine, I mean when I got the censored one from your ally enti, I didnt complain.
      But dont go out of your way to say, "If you have the balls post the full report" when you dont do it yourself. It is hypocrisy at its best.
      I rest my case after this post.
      They see me rolling
      They hating
    • Schneeente wrote:

      Sad how little you understand.

      But somehow I don't feel like educating you now (I know, that rarely happens^^)
      And he is back....

      I was wondering where this enti went.

      That kinder softer one was getting annoying.

      Schneeente wrote:

      But now he has more production than you ever had during those 12 years of playing :p

      What is this production you speak of? It is all infrastructure. Dot you know there is a lot of pop in the smithy!
      Bo knows!
      Mace are like bees... a few of them are harmless but a swarm will kill you.

      Blah blah blah.... been playing sense .US started then quit that domain. Im morbid.
      I've played on all the English speaking servers many many times along with a few others I never understood a single IGM sent to me.

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    • Blaze wrote:

      HEROES were the one who did not share the full report in the Tom Petty vs Mr.Bean case. If you do not share the full report how tf am i supposed to post it? Same applies to the other alliances. It is in fact your opponents who provided me the full report. So if you guys want me to post full reports, YOU HAVE TO GIVE THEM TO ME. I mean it is literally impossible for me to get them otherwise. And if you do not wish to provide full reports, it is completely fine, I mean when I got the censored one from your ally enti, I didnt complain.
      But dont go out of your way to say, "If you have the balls post the full report" when you dont do it yourself. It is hypocrisy at its best.
      I rest my case after this post.
      I didnt say anything about the report Mr. Bean vs. Tom Petty, that one was completly okay (not censored).

      I meant all the others where no troops were shown ;) If you wanna have complete reports, feel free to ask if u can get it, but just posting them cause they exist, without all relevant information in it, thats boring ;)

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    • ANALYSIS #2 - Part 2

      Right, moving on to Alliance Analysis. I've gotten a few requests to do all quads, and I would like to clarify why I hadn't done them initially. I wanted the first Alliance analysis to be of the 2 most anticipated quads, so i apologize for leaving the southern quads. But here we are ^^

      I will be dividing Alliances into groups. The first 5 groups represent metas. While Group 6 represent alliances (not in confeds/NAPs with each other) which fall in a similar category due to their size of ally.

      Group 1 - Istanbul & Friends

      Ahhh, our good old friends the Turks, have come back for another round yet again. Like last round they have set themselves up in Northwest. And once again like last round they have meta'd the f up. Tbf to them, quite a lot of meta's this time. But Istanbul standing at 7 different embassies definitely says something. Here is the map of this HUGE meta.

      Lets discuss a few stats now for our turkish friends. To be more specific TNW. It is actually how we will be going ahead with these alliance analysis. Stats will be showed for the main wing(s) of the meta and not the fillers.


      59 Members
      Rank 16 pop - Rank 12 Attackers - Rank 18 Deffers

      38035 Pop - 645 Average pop - 131 Villages - 290 Average pop/villa

      33835 Off points - 604 Average points

      8532 Def points - 152 Average points

      Chiefed 0


      Not too impressive of stats from the turks, with quite low ranks and averages. They seek power purely in numbers which might just prove fatal to them in the future. But hey! I said that last time too, and they were standing till the end. They did not achieve what you may call a successful server, but they definitely surprised the rest of us by standing in NW till the very end. Can they do the same this time? Well thats to be seen, once again I doubt they will have a "successful" server, but they may disrupt the NW alliances...... like it wasn't competitive enough already. Turks also like recruiting people.... as usual...and spies ...... as usual (dull)

      Group 2 - BoA & Wings

      We have ourselves an interesting bunch here. I do not believe we know where these players come from, but it does seem like they recruit players, just like the turks. And just like the turks this means a high chance of spies being involved in the alliance. Not saying pre-mades never have them, just more likely to be the case for alliances formed in game.

      With 4 wings, here is how their map looks!…d0f169ff73da80957a488fa95

      58 members
      Rank 5 pop - Rank 2 Attackers - Rank 11 Deffers

      56779 pop - 946 average pop - 172 villages - 330 average pop/villa

      64901 Off points - 1119 Average Points

      10789 Def points - 186 Average Points

      0 Chiefed

      Medals last week: Rank 1 Attackers, Rank 9 Deffers, Rank 6 simmers, Rank 4 raiders


      With half the alliance being romans, this southwest based alliance has done some heavy killing so far, and are doing decently well in raiders as well. And it does seem like Dacia is the only prominent alliance with them in that quad. So who do they seem to be killing? Group 3!

      Group 3 - DJV & Wings

      Another bunch we know very little about. Once again not a pre-made alliance and the possibility of? Pff! I'm gonna stop saying that now.

      Here's the map.


      35 Members
      Rank 23 pop - Rank 19 Attackers - Rank 10 Deffers

      23653 Pop - 676 Average pop - 85 Villages - 278 Average pop/villa

      23435 Off points - 601 Average points

      11660 Def points - 299 Average points

      0 Chiefed


      Damn, people really like romans. Another alliance with 50% or more ally members as romans. Like the turks, not very impressive stats for DJV, taking in mind rankings and averages. Yet they seem to be doing better in defenders than the rest of the categories. With DL (YD's wing) and SwE being in the same quad as them, as well as a war with group 2 going on. They might be in for a bashing. I don't see them surviving for too long, but I don't mind being proven wrong ^^

      -Fight between group 2 and 3

      As some may have noticed BoA and DJV have declared war on each other. Both being in Southern quads does make them close, but not in the same quad surely means not much action as of now. If DJV manage to survive the SE quad up until artis, they will have the likes of BoA to deal with as well. Not an ideal situation.

      Group 4 - Aliens, Aegina & Friends

      Oh you thought Istanbul with 7 wings was a lot? Think again! The biggest meta in the game stands in Northeast. And I have to admit, they look scary for others in the same quad!

      With clustering up the central zone of NE, Aegina rules the middle of the quad. While Aliens rule the boonies. It is almost perfect. Why almost? Because they are still being constantly hit by YD. Admittedly they have hit YD too, but Aliens has taken way more punches than they have thrown, simply due to the reason that they do not have enough firepower near their spawns. Aegina on the other hand look strong overall. To add to the mix of central quad and boonies, HS have infact moved many of their accounts near grey.

      Not to mention some of our Chinese friends from finals have joined too, and we see two of the names we would see in tourney normally on comx this round, Dacia and NB (Chinese)

      Through the right players and organization, this meta has the potential to conquer NE and maybe even the server, but it will be a tough task considering one of the strongest allies in the game YD is present along them.


      57 players
      Rank 3 pop - Rank 4 Attackers - Rank 8 Deffers

      70348 pop - 1234 average pop - 184 villages - 382 average pop/villa

      50857 Off points - 892 average points

      12632 def points - 222 average points

      1 chiefed villa

      Medals last week: Rank 3 Attackers, Rank 6 Deffers, Rank 2 simmers, Rank 1 raiders



      60 members
      Rank 4 pop - Rank 15 Off - Rank 27 Def

      66939 pop - 1116 Average pop - 187 villages - 358 average pop/villa

      28461 Off points - 474 average points

      6644 Def points - 111 average points

      1 Chiefed

      Medals last week: Not in Attackers, Not in Deffers, Rank 4 simmers, Not in Raiders


      Aliens arent doing too well on ranks, but they have their sim mode on in the boonies, so I wouldn't be surprised if they start picking up in ranks later on. On the other hand Aegina look like one of the top allies in the server. With 2 of their players high in ranks of raiders, and many rolling catas, as well as their average pop/villa showing that they have gone for troops very early and wish to do some heavy damage as soon as possible, they are definitely one's to watch.

      Group 5 - YD & Friends

      Ahhh, the spaniards. Back for their 3rd in a row, they really have come with the full force. This group/meta stands out in comparison to others tho. Why? Because other metas have wings/friends in the same quad. YD meta is stretched throughout 3 quads, and here is what it looks like!


      59 players
      Rank 2 Pop - Rank 3 Attackers - Rank 1 Deffers

      76604 pop - 1298 average - 194 villages - 395 average pop/villa

      55287 off points - 937 average

      26614 def points - 451 average

      0 villas chiefed

      Medals last week: Rank 6 Attackers, Rank 5 Deffers, Rank 3 simmers, Rank 2 raiders


      Alongside Aegina, YD look like one of the top alliances. With very high ranks as well as averages. And once again very much like Aegina, a high average pop/villa can be seen. I would like to think in both cases, it is not unnecessary buildings for pop and is really some troops rolling to dish out some damage :D

      And tbh, both Aegina and YD have been doing damage already.

      With a balanced number of teutons and romans we can expect some nice accounts, yet they lack in gauls which may be a problem considering how much they have to fight in the coming weeks.

      - Fight between group 4 and 5

      Right so most probably one of the top 2 clashes in this server is now Aegina+ Aliens vs Your Doom. It is not a very even match imo, as the Aliens meta stands at 8 embassies in NE, while YD stands at 1 (only speaking about NE). Until YD start getting some help from the embassies in adjacent quads (which wont be very soon at all), it will be a tough battle for the spaniards. Imo it was right for Aegina to go out and look for a friendly alliance to play with, but with 8 embassies it is a bit too much for others to handle, and makes me worry tbh as a YD player myself xD (worry)

      Right this brings an end to the discussion of the many metas of this server. With Comx standing at roughly 5k players (Not gonna count the bots, ever.) metas were expected by most, but maybe this analysis will show how many have actually showed up or have formed in game. It really is a competition for some allies to get as many on their side as they can, not smart imo, but it is what it is.

      But now we will look at some allies who think differently and have stayed in smaller alliances.... relatively. Group 6 will be about the alliances who seem to have above average to very good players in them but in less quantity compared to other groups aka not metas :p

      Group 6 - SC, DoH, Heroes, SwE and Dacia

      Some solid alliances who havent gone for wings/naps and who will also most definitely play a part in the server. Here is how they are placed in the map!

      DoH -

      56 players
      Rank 1 pop - Rank 7 attackers - Rank 25 Defenders.

      84326 pop - 1506 average pop - 229 total villages - 368 pop/villa.

      42975 off points - 781 average points

      7024 def points - 128 average points

      0 villas chiefed.

      Medals last week: Rank 9 off, Not in Deffers,Rank 1 simmers, Rank 3 raiders

      Romans 22 (39%)
      Teutons 17 (30%)
      Gauls 17 (30%)

      Let's talk about DoH first. One of the few alliances who look to be balanced in tribe ratio, and have excellent rankings and averages. Following Aegina and YD to my "one's to watch" for this server for sure :) Not that anyone expected any less from them :p

      A lot of simming going on as can be seen from the stats, just hope they start running some troops very soon. I'm sure many of them have already, as the battle between DoH and Heroes! started towards the end of last week. Not very high in defenders, hence maybe not as many attacks from Heroes! side as you'd like to think. But definitely many outgoing.


      Moving on to Heroes!

      Once again i have been told many people not liking me calling Heroes! germans, as many are from other European countries, IM SORRY! xD

      Okay now that that is clear, we can move on to some stats.

      33 players
      Rank 10 pop - Rank 11 Attackers - Rank 4 defenders

      41392 pop - 1254 average pop - 115 villages - 360 pop/villa

      34149 off points - 1035 average

      20252 def points - 614 average

      0 villas chiefed.

      Medals last week: Not in Attackers, Rank 8 deffers, Rank 7 simmers, Rank 6 raiders


      Probably the only alliance we see here in this analysis who have a low number of romans. I definitely agree with that decision. Dont get me wrong I love playing romans the most in fact, but when it comes to off/time or def/time they are just not on the level of Teutons and Gaul. Still my fav tribe despite that, so not shitting on someones decision to play it, I play it most myself hehe ^_^.

      Coming back to topic. Heroes the last addition to my one's to watch ofc hehe. With impressive statistics they are defintely looking good as of now, but i will admit, i expected a lot more punches being thrown from the germans side instead of taking hits. Who knows, maybe we will get to see some this week hehe. Defintely looking forward to more reports from this very interesting clash of DoH and Heroes!


      I do not seem to know much about this alliance either. But they are looking solid for an unkown alliance (sorry if they are known to others, im ignorant sometimes). It does however look like they recruit which means....... xD

      Members 41
      Rank 8 pop - Rank 1 Attackers - Rank 9 Deffers

      45349 Pop - 1106 Average pop - 128 Villages - 354 Average pop/villa

      67802 Off points - 1739 Average points

      12284 Def points - 315 Average points

      1 Chiefed

      Medals last week: Rank 2 Attackers, Not in Deffers, Rank 10 simmers, Rank 8 raiders


      With impressive rankings and averages, they certainly look like the top dawgs of the Southeast quad. They will however have competition from the wings of YD aka D&L and ANT.


      Our friends have joined once again. They did well in the previous server to be fair to them, but they dont look as solid this time around. With many players being banned, they are suffering setbacks they cannot afford.

      Members 51
      Rank 14 pop - Rank 5 Attackers - Rank 5 Deffers

      38820 Pop - 761 Average pop - 127 Villages - 306 Average pop/villa

      48626 Off points - 953 Average points

      17289 Def points - 339 Average points

      0 Chiefed

      Medals last week: Rank 4 Attackers, Rank 4 Deffers, Not in simmers, Rank 10 raiders


      They are however doing well in attacking and defending ranks. Due to some action in grey area (see part 1). But like i mentioned before, bans were something they didnt need, after losing one of their best players in the ally, if not THE best in their ally.


      Stonecutters..... definitely cut some of my account's dreams short! Settling in central area, they are looking strong for a relatively small alliance. Although I do believe 23 members won't be enough to survive a deadly quad like NE, so they might just be looking for some friends in the quad.

      23 Members
      Rank pop - Rank 13 Attackers - Rank 2 Deffers

      24446 Pop - 1063 Average pop - 73 Villages - 335 Average pop/villa

      31521 Off points - 1370 Average points

      26238 Def points - 1141 Average points

      Chiefed 0

      Medals last week: Not in Attackers, Rank 1 Deffers, Not in simmers, Rank 9 raiders


      Some attacks *cough* *cough* got them top at the charts of deffers and overall in defenders as well. Hopefully they did not lose many troops tho, as they got a long server ahead.

      Hopefully these alliances don't seek confed's or naps as well, as all alliances being meta'd up is just sad to see [IMO (finger)]

      Prominent alliances in each quad:









      YD. (2nd wing of YD)

      Istanbul meta

      South east

      D&L and ANT (confed with YD)

      DJV meta





      That brings us to an end to this week's analysis. Thank you for reading to whoever made it through this long af post. To the ones who didnt, may you burn in hell (they didnt read it so how will they know i wish them doom)

      I have based these stats more of an overall of the most prominent allies in each group. Next week's will feature these stats as well as more such as number of accounts from each ally in top 200 pop and etc. Those one's which will make it clear how many top accounts we can see in each ally. Sorry I couldn't include it all in this post but I feel like it was getting too long as it is. And its also past 4:30am here, so yea. Next week for sure for those ^^
      They see me rolling
      They hating

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    • Nicely done :) To be fair, it is a well measured and fact based analysis with own personal commentary. Keep it up.

      As I mentioned I usually look to alliance negative movement (deletions, transfer to enemy/opposing alliance) as a large factor to do with leadership and also quad placement (ie: recruiting cross quad etc) however from most of the top (and granted, mostly pre-formed) alliances mentioned above it is looking VERY tight.

      In saying that, SC deliberately chose to North East, knowing it would be a hot bed of activity. Having played ZA and AU most recently and being able do what I could with a part time account was ridiculous.

      We have also variously ranged from 12 (tx5) to 27 players in our last 7 formal servers runs and all bar one (comx 2010 - 23,500 players, 11th pop) have finished in top 10 alliances, Top 3 conquerers, top 3 attackers. We will be endeavouring to have similar fun and shenanigans here also. (we have bombed one server to put all the cards on the table. But that's what happens when you are incumbent on USx and try to take on 3 NNOF wings at their height with 20 people :P )

      It is interesting the alliance who have come here for fun and not WW race :P
    • The appearance should not deceive you. Unfortunately, we started unfavorably and thus, many settlers have returned. but this does not affect our hammer. from our positions, we will have our fun with our hammers in 40-50 days. in this time we will also implement our WW plans. Because of the topic spies we have made arrangements in our main ally is none. We are currently strong and you will see this in the near future. :)
    • TurkC wrote:

      The appearance should not deceive you. Unfortunately, we started unfavorably and thus, many settlers have returned. but this does not affect our hammer. from our positions, we will have our fun with our hammers in 40-50 days. in this time we will also implement our WW plans. Because of the topic spies we have made arrangements in our main ally is none. We are currently strong and you will see this in the near future. :)
      Glad i didnt spawn in your quad, you sound serious :rolleyes:
    • Blaze wrote:

      ANALYSIS #2 - Part 2
      Nicely done.

      But i guess after that lots of thing changed in server, specially in +|-

      1. I heard DL & Swe broke their confed!! (correct me if I am wrong)
      2. New ally is coming up MM.
      3. ANTS seems like came for ww in mind, as they had settled most of the villages near ww region and left spawn for all :P

      Would like to get new analysis from you sometime soon. Cheers!
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    • Servers are down for ~8 hours and you are happy to think that Blaze would have used the down time to post his analysis so you could enjoy reading it when you get back from work...... but nonono, the lazy guy have been spamming on skype all day, probably written more words in skype today then the analysis would have been :p

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    • Analysis 3 - Part 1 - 1/2

      Right so its been a while, sorry about that. Ngl, Got lazy af.

      Anyway, there is a lot to talk about for last 2 weeks and hence once again analaysis will be in 2 parts. Part 1 will consist of the disccussion of week 3 and week 4, while Part 2(tomorrow) will consist of a different look to the server.


      Lets begin with what happened in week 3. Heroes! started running their ops in week 3. Dailly hitting DoH for i believe 4 days. Quite a lot to see, which you can read on these links (each will take you directly to the important part)…ostID=6723572#post6723572…ostID=6724952#post6724952…ostID=6729826#post6729826

      As it can be seen DoH took quite a beating over these few days. With multiple capitals being hit and tiles suffering huge losses, like polar bear's. I'm sure Heroes! ran perfect fakes to get their desired villas clear to be hit with ease. A few timings off here and there, with a few chiefs being sniped too. As well as Pumuckl's great hit on BigBonedMonkey's hammer villa, followed by being chiefed by Wickie, it certainly shows that the Northwest quad is where the fun is at!

      Lets discuss the situation at hand.

      DoH suffer quite a few capital losses they obviously wouldn't have liked. Some may even prefer, including me, losing a small 20k crop consuming hammers instead of tiles of lvl 17 to lvl 10-11. So yes, DoH faced set backs. But nothing major which is game ending for them. With DoH doing a few pushes they can be restored in a matter of hours. Of-course an increased use of resources and time but nothing to change the game drastically. It is more about if Heroes! can keep finding the targets without defense. Cause even if Heroes! does more damage in terms of troops lost, Heroes! may be the looser in certain circumstances. How come? I talk in regard to how much ammunition a team has.

      Let's say X has 200k def in a villa out of a total of 2M available in X's ally. While Y uses a 150k hammer to clear that of a total of 1M off troops in Y's ally.
      Granted the fact that X lost more in terms of troops, Y lost more in terms of available ammuniation. What I'm trying to say is, DoH can afford to lose a bit more than Heroes! which Heroes! should defintely keep in mind.

      Coming back to the daily OPs. Certainly if Heroes! continues the way they are doing at the moment, a few weeks or so into artis DoH will be done for. The only thing they have to see is that they don't get walled. Every hammer they lose is precious. Till now they've done very well.
      Other consequences/predictions to the war:

      1) DoH lack resources. Like i said before a lot of resources went to waste there. Now they had to push from other accounts to get capital tiles to they way they were. But this means other account suffering, even if it was 1hr worth of prod pushed to every damaged capital it amounts to a lot.

      2) Another consequence would be DoH had to go troops quicker than they would've liked. With many of their players far out, DoH would've preferred to sim till lvl 17s/18s and then start trooping from around day at the latest. With the much needed defense against Heroes! they must've had to sacrifice a part of their game plan to survive

      3) Bonuses. With a lack of resources, bonuses not being upgraded isnt the best scenario either. Either they balance it out and lack in all by a bit.... production, bonuses, and troops. Or they focus on two.... production and troops, and lack heavily in much needed bonuses. So even if they find the perfect and necessary balance they suffered quite a bit nonetheless.

      4) DoH not hitting back, making it too easy for Heroes! With Heroes! runnin ops every night DoH simply cant catch a breather. But between those 4 days of Ops and now (we will get to the transition between week 3 and 4 next), theyve had plenty of time, yet no OPs seen from Bruce's team. If it remains such, which i highly doubt, will be an easy one for Heroes!

      5) Heroes! get the hang of running ops with daily hits, but so do DoH. In the most recent OP Pumuckl hammer suffered a decent amount and in my eyes its only a matter of time before Heroes! find a few more blocks and get walled, instead of finding completely empty caps and 0'ing their tiles with ease. Precision is necessary, or like i said before a few walls and the game is even between the 2 sides.

      6) Many of DoH accounts being far out limits targets for Heroes! With many targets already hit, Heroes! are running out of accounts to do damage too. Ofc they could keep hitting the ones theyve been hitting so far, but it certainly limits their options. Which also helps DoH in terms of finding the reals.

      7) As a consequence to the previous statement, DoH's survivabilty looks better than it would have if they were all in center. So yes in terms of long term, DoH's strat to move away was the right one, for now. As soon as artis such as boots come into the play, DoH are in serious trouble. With DoH going for wwk's and wwr's it can be assumed thats where Heroes! would like to deal damage most of all. So as of now short term, DoH are in the clear (somewhat), but a few weeks into artis may be their end.

      Overall it mainly depends on how much Heroes! will be able to capitalize on their troops. And with travian being a long game as it is, nothings written in stone yet. Its anyone's game still. Just depends on skill now. It's not a sprint, it's a marathon.

      Week 4 for the northwest quad has been rather quite tho (minus the initial hits of pumuckl and others in the very start of the week aka day 4 of ops for them against DoH).

      But Heroes! got some simming done. Not just some, a lot :D. With their average pop almost at par with DoH and quite ahead of YD (they were decently behind YD initially), you can bet that they used this time they had wisely. Not long before they will want to return to daily OPs, as they found quite a few gaps to not be wanting to go back. The real competition begins now as we can assume both troops loading up on troops as of now. Like I said before, all depends on skill displayed by each team now. Accounts wise DoH look at top, but when has that mattered. Excited for the upcoming weeks in NW. Its gonna be a bloodbath :D

      I'll give everyone a map so that everyone can see how the quad is shaping up. With and without the interference of YD.

      - Without YD

      - With YD

      I do believe DoH has lost spawns already to Heroes! and we can surely expect them to lose more. Same goes for YD. Besides grey they do not seem to have a strong cluster in NW anywhere else, where they could survive, so expect in a few weeks to see YD only around grey (talking about NW specifically)


      Not as many organized attacks at this end of map, but a LOT of attacks for sure. With huge clusters of both sides, it looks like a war instead of a battle :P
      Side 1 - YD + YD. (with assitance of D&L + D&L © + ANT, but they got their own story going on, will be talked about later)
      Side 2 - Aliens + 3 more wings of Aliens + Aegina + A-Aegina + NB + ~HS~

      If we see it quantity wise, Side 2 has the numbers for what it takes. Even if you take it account wise. It can clearly be seen that Aegina + Aliens meta should be able to clear the quad with ease and cause havoc (Ofcourse you can sense a "But" coming) but they have not yet. Which speaks volumes on its own.

      Let's dive further into it.
      Here is a map of YD and Aegina (each's 2 wings)

      As you can see with the blue and dark red, Aegina control the central NE. While YD has its cluster up near spawns and grey. But with that some orange overlapping that area, you can sure hope for some nice reports in the following weeks. The overlapping and close quarters is what makes it so interesting. Aegina on its own seem just as strong as YD. And with Aliens into the mix its just far more power for the Aegina and Aliens meta. Here is how their meta stands in the NE.

      Central and boonies. They have the perfect set-up but they can the execute?

      With YD still one of the strongest in the game along with Aegina and Aliens, here is how the +|+ looks.

      NE isnt as easy to predict as the NW quad. In NW we can say that DoH's spawns can get wiped, which they are being, and that their accounts under 100|100 radius will be hit while people in boonies get to sim, which they are being(all predicted in Analysis 1 i believe). NE looks much tougher to anticipate. But we can make a few calls.

      Aliens have moved majorly into boonies, but some top accounts such as Tricky Martin stand their ground in dead center of YD's area. As well as some other accounts with a hammer each and some with decent def numbers. YD has started clearing them already but it's going to be a pain nonethless, and not to mention a loss of troops. And YD can't even counter the friendl- um ... simmers, in boonies. So we might see those accounts near YD being cleared, but it still be very far from game won.

      Aegina on the other hand have mainly all accounts together, right in the center. Which is quite a near impossible task for YD to completely clear as of now. Can predict a few YD accounts in the area of Aegina to be cleared though.

      And this is not even keeping in mind the fact that Aegina and Aliens can/are work(ing) together.

      All it will need is organization from the Aegina and Aliens meta to come out on top. But if they lack that, I won't be surprised if YD clear them with daily OPs, as Heroes are doing so with DoH right now.

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      (Forum posts only allow 5 images per post, so continued in next post)
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    • Analysis 3 - Part 1 - 2/2


      Right we have ourselves another interesting quadrant now. Initially it seemed like the southern quads lack much needed quality. But recently formed GK and the likes of the initial allies, D&L and wing, and ANT R, have surely spiced up the quad real nice.

      GK has recruited a few good players in their quad, with the core being the initially ally known as TM. We see quite a few decent accounts in their ally. And with the friends of YD - DL and wing and ANT R, we can expect a good match up.

      This is how they shape up the +|- quad.

      As we can see from the map. GK control the spawn area as well a bit of the section of the quad towards the axis/borded or NE and SE. While the D&L and gang have a decent set up further away from the center.

      We can predict a few events.
      1) GK clears spawn area and the sector nearer to NE, with brute force.
      2) GK gets unique(s) of SE, as well as a decent amount of artis including larges and a handful of smalls.
      3) D&L and gang, get the leftovers in central overlapping area, as well as smalls spawning further into boonies, such as boots, eyes, and fool.
      4) A lot of action. With ANT R and GK already declaring war on each other, we are right to presume this is just a preview of how the SE quad will shape up

      Now I personally havent seen much of either quads gameplay. I can speak about the north confidently as Heroes! share their reports and OPs with detail, and firsthand experience with the NE quad. Southern quads is a bit of a mystery as to who will come out on top.
      Once again, all depends on organization and composure tho, just like any other quad and its battles.

      THE SOUTHWEST (-|-) WAR ??

      Not much to discuss for this quad to be very frank.
      Dacia and BOA seem like the top dawgs for this quad. Initially BoA sat on 3 wings i believe and Dacia at one. The most recent updates show that they both now stand at roughly 3 wings each.

      Anyway, here is how they look:

      Accounts wise both the teams look equally strong. Especially with the recent addition of Bluemoon and Resira to the Dacia squad. Not much i can say really except the fact that both sides have declared war on each other, but we don't see any major reports. But who knows, server is still young ^^

      Anyway that would be it for now. Hopefully this got you through the frustration of the announcing of comx being rolled back, although i wouldn't be surprised if it didn't.
      And sorry for being so lazy about analysis lmao. Hope you guys enjoyed this, a different approach to the server to be released tomorrow/day after.
      Happy farming.

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      And Happy friendly farming to the balkans! Much Skill. Much wow.
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    • Nice job Arnav. Not totally in agreement but sense we dont share anything you are doing a great job for what you have.
      Bo knows!
      Mace are like bees... a few of them are harmless but a swarm will kill you.

      Blah blah blah.... been playing sense .US started then quit that domain. Im morbid.
      I've played on all the English speaking servers many many times along with a few others I never understood a single IGM sent to me.

      Yea it's been a while yada yada yada. I'm sorry blah blah blah. Lets got on with it.....

      A lot to talk about for the past 10-12 days. Prolly my bad for postponing it again and again, now this is going to be an essay xD. But you won't be bored, i swear, plenty of events and reports have made sure of that :D Plus I will divide it into 2 parts posted with a few hours of gap between them

      Lets talk from the beginning. Artifact preparation and the 3-4 days leading up to artifacts.

      One of the most well prepared alliances for artefacts I have to say would have to be Heroes! With their cata points in a near perfect radius in northwest. To counter the folks in DoH boonies (woods). This is how it looked.

      One member of DoH took it to himself to get rid of many cata points by himself

      + a ton of more waves consisting 1k-2k clubs each sent with the company of catas to tear down those cata points.

      (sorry about the weird report I couldn't find the actual one and had to copy from heroes! war thread into battle reports)

      The reason I singled out the member is because I do believe it was a solo action. DoH's actual plan was to counter with it their own cata points in a similar radius with Heroes! That's one way to deal with it :p

      But 2 hammers gone a couple days before artis isn't the best thing to see is it?

      YD can agree. As Mohsin saw his monster hammer splat on Aegina's cata point in Southeast 2-3 days before artis as well. (I would like to take the blame for that, wasn't planned by Mohsin)

      Your Justice (YD) chiefed a 36k mace and an 8k TK hammer of M&M (Aliens) as well, plus more small actions occurring in NE including a couple YD villas 0'd i believe ( sorry can't find report, that's the issue with doing analysis so late ;( )

      That covers pretty much most of the important things pre artis, and the days leading up to it. Sorry if I forgot to add something. If I did, please feel free to add it yourself.

      Now it's time to get into artefacts....... Or is it? Perhaps a 3h29m delay would be nice for everyone who stayed up all night to get artis organized or others who are suffering in other RL situations such as jobs cause of this? The 4 hours into artefacts release were a joke. Followed by more ridiculous factors including no response or compensation for the delayed artefact release (without notice)

      Anyway it's been talked about enough, and I'm sure everyone gets the point.

      Heroes! made sure to provide us some entertainment while people were aimlessly waiting for artis and revealed a ton of scoutings done by them right at arti release. You can find them on this post/link:…ostID=6749140#post6749140

      Posts before that show the OPs done by Heroes! on DoH pre-artis as well. Enti has explained the OPs well I would say so go over to that thread if you haven't already and have a look for yourself.

      So let's move on to the arti spawns. I have made a spreadsheet for everyone to view and compare. It consists of arti spawns over the last 2 rounds. Feel free to make your own judgements as to how different it was from last round.

      Artifact spawns over last 2 rounds

      A handful of things or so to point out from my perspective:

      1) Radius of spawns was a bit more compared to last round. Now I do not exactly know how the radius is determined, but what i was told by a fellow mate, was that it's based on top100 accounts (pop) and their locations. Once again, I am not sure, so some clarification or insight would be nice on this

      2) If we take point 1 into consideration it definitely means that the accounts up in boonies for DoH and Aliens had a role to play in this result

      3) Rotation of Uniques is predictable. As you can see the artifact spawns rotated anticlockwise by about 70 degrees i would say? I haven't calculated it, but looks around that from the naked eye. Anyway my point being, that uniques don't shift by a lot compared to previous rounds. This was known to us initially but this further proves it. Hence my initial statements of Heroes! getting the UT which will spawn close to NW in Analysis #1, which they did.

      Moving on to the natar troop counts in those villages

      I will post last comx round's first, followed by this round.



      A few things to talk about here :

      1) Natar counts are calculated by top100 hammers in the server, which does show this round consisted of bigger hammers compared with last round (I am sure on this, unlike the radius factor :P)

      2) People who played last round will be agree with what I will say I believe. Last round was a complete simcity for most players. Which allowed players to sim hammers in peace. HM in fact produced some monster hammers in the end, which means those counts were decent even at arti time. This round has not been even close to peaceful simming. With DoH and Heroes! in constant battle, as well as YD and Aegina's war with the loss of hammers left and right.

      3) YET, here we are this round with bigger hammer counts. I would like to think DoH accounts in boonies as well as Aliens entire meta up in boonies, had a large hand in this. These are most of the accounts which were able to sim in peace in boonies. And we can conclude from this that Aliens have some monsters cooking up in boonies. DoH prolly does too to be fair, but expect an expiry date on them decided by Heroes! :P. Can't wait to see Aliens land in end game.

      Some quick stats for now (These will be further discussed in detail in Part 2 as well as reports and movement of artis between alliances):


      Unique Artefacts (Account wide) currently held = 0

      Large/Great Artefacts (Account wide) currently held = 4

      Small Artefacts (Villa wide) currently held = 4/5 [Big Nut Goat as an ex DoH member holds one small, but since I do not know their current situation I have put a slash there]


      Unique Artefacts (Account wide) currently held = 1

      Large/Great Artefacts (Account wide) currently held = 2

      Small Artefacts (Villa wide) currently held = 4


      Unique Artefacts (Account wide) currently held = 1

      Large/Great Artefacts (Account wide) currently held = 3

      Small Artefacts (Villa wide) currently held = 3


      Unique Artefacts (Account wide) currently held = 1

      Large/Great Artefacts (Account wide) currently held = 3

      Small Artefacts (Villa wide) currently held = 8


      Unique Artefacts (Account wide) currently held = 4

      Large/Great Artefacts (Account wide) currently held = 7

      Small Artefacts (Villa wide) currently held = 12


      Unique Artefacts (Account wide) currently held = 0

      Large/Great Artefacts (Account wide) currently held = 2

      Small Artefacts (Villa wide) currently held = 3


      Unique Artefacts (Account wide) currently held = 0

      Large/Great Artefacts (Account wide) currently held = 6

      Small Artefacts (Villa wide) currently held = 7

      I have been told reading a lot at once is not the best, so as usual splitting it into 2 parts. More to follow in the upcoming hours ^^ Stay tuned!
      They see me rolling
      They hating

      Now let's get into how every ally performed at artefact release as well as the days which followed. How artefacts are being used and how they have moved across the server. Also with how everyone ally looks in terms of artefacts in general. (Spoiler - reports from YD will be more, cause (a) there are more hammers splatted to share here xD (b) I have easier and more access to these reports, ofc)

      This is the colour code which i wish to follow for the following points:

      Black - Artefact gained from natars

      Red - Artefact lost to enemy

      Green - Artefact stolen from enemy

      Blue - Artefact lost to enemy, but stolen back

      Pink - Not in that specific alliance but a part of the team.

      (Hope it is clear and/or will be clearer by the analysis)

      NORTHWEST (-|+)


      Unique Artefacts (Account wide) currently held = 0

      Movement -

      Large/Great Artefacts (Account wide) currently held = 4

      Movement - Architect, Diet, Storage, Trainer

      Small Artefacts (Villa wide) currently held = 4/5 [Big Nut Goat as an ex DoH member holds one small, but since I do not know their current situation I have put a slash there]

      Movement - Boots (1), Boots (2), Storage, Fools (x2), Diet

      Here we have ourselves our last comx winners. Lets dive into how they feature into this round.

      They hold no uniques. Well considering their locations on map it was kind of obvious they wouldnt be able to get a unique, and Im sure they were aware of this scenario ahead of time as well. Nothing out of the ordinary.

      In the large/great arrtefacts category they stand at a balanced number and types of artis. A very necessary trainer for their offensive/defensive players training in multiple villas, and a storage for those caps they adore so much. Once again not much out of the ordinary here, no movements of artefacts in this category.

      Small artefacts is somewhat interesting for a change for their group. With initially holding 2 small boots, things looked nice for any future OPs they wish to hold. But it hasnt been as steady as they wouldve liked. With one Boots (1) being stolen from them, they had to steal it back. Granted it was a very small duration for their loss, it is still something interesting to see hehe.

      Boots(2) got stolen by Heroes! which isnt nice to see for a bunch which has already been under heavy fire over the past few weeks. (Reports and further talks will be shown for the attacker, so in this case Heroes! stole the boots, hence report will be shown in their section. Dont want to be repetitive now.)

      As for the small trainer, it was a friendly pick up from an account outside the ally. Well its DoH, did you expect anything else than multiple friends outside the ally? :p

      Another point I'd like to add is how 1 of the small fools in DoH is being used the way it should be. The small fool currently held by Bloody Bunny if seen in the treasury is being constantly chiefed to give the result of an account wide trainer effect (or maybe boots for OPs, havent noticed tbh, Heroes! will know more about this). Its a must do in my opinion. If used correctly, a small fool can be a guaranteed large/unique trainer for the account whenever needed. The extra costs for constantly chiefing it and time consumption is pains you gotta bare with tho. So kudos to Bloody Bunny for taking the pain and seeing the grand picture.

      Another minor detail to talk about would be the account "Big Nut Goat" being outside the account now, interestingly enough with the alliance name "OUTCASTS". Pretty sure a bit of drama there, but I assume DoH and the account still consider each other allies, but dont quote me on it :p Only thing we can say for certain is that a small diet is held by an ex-member of DoH


      Unique Artefacts (Account wide) currently held = 1

      Movement - Trainer

      Large/Great Artefacts (Account wide) currently held = 2

      Movement - Boots, Eyes

      Small Artefacts (Villa wide) currently held = 4

      Movement - Boots (1), Boots (2), Diet, Trainer

      Ahh the mighty heroes!

      Like I said in part 1 of this analysis. Perhaps one of the most well organized teams in this server. Whatever the result may be in the end of the round, this has already been proven.

      Like the much expected, Heroes! got their hands on the unqiue trainer which spawned near them (fun fact it actually spawned in SW, but pretty much on the border). If we take a look at their unique trainer, its been with 8 different accounts!!! (excluding the pickup, since it was passed on from there within 2.5 hours.) Shows that Heroes! doing thing differently than others I would say. Dont see the UT being shared as much usually but surely its a good thing for their team. With 1/4th of their team using the unique trainer it provides them the much needed ammunation against the "top dawgs" DoH

      Moving on to the larges, there isnt much to talk about here. A necessary large eyes for any OPs for/against them, as well as a Large boot to help with their OPs. It is perfect really. Even if someone considers it less fortunate, I believe its more than enough for Heroes! to achieve what they came to achieve this round. Rerouting to the Large boot, its held by Sailor Moon, who is also a common name in the Unique trainer list. It's almost a perfect setup, eh?

      On to the smalls. They had initially with the help of their cata points gotten a hold on 1 of each, boots, diet and a trainer. Their trainer lists shares a few of the same names as the unique trainer, besides the account Wickie. Only further helping queues remain constant in the accounts which have to share the UT with a decent sized crowd.

      No storage in the ally is something worth mentioning imo at least. However I do believe Heroes! dont care much for it. So its all gucci.

      Ahh, our first steal of the post! In one of the many Heroes! OPs they hit lazy turtle's hammer villa which had a 100k hammer as well as a small boot in it. Needless to say, both were gone. Apparently due to a screw up, but eh it happens. Heroes! were in the right place at the right time, and not for the first time in the server so cannot take credit away from them.

      Here is the report:

      An important hammer chiefed. Important hammer due its above decent size (mind you this is quite a few days back) as well as its location on the map and its activity with fakes on heroes! Plus a small boot to the Heroes! which you can make sure will haunt them in the future OPs Heroes! perform.


      Not much to say here sorry. Loss of 2 arifacts so far including a small trainer to dacia. And they currently stand at no large or unique artifacts. And 1 of each of the following small artifacts, storage, confusion and architect.

      Overall summary of the quad:

      This quad overall I would say seems quite clean. In terms of organized OPs and stable behaviour. A couple of non planned attacks such as the wickie splat on BBM.

      But nothing else.

      Istanbul look weak once again in the northwest quad compared to the mighty giants in the quad with them.

      Heroes! keep hitting DoH, but now we see a few splats instead of easy pickings on the cropper they targeted, we have not much to see from DoH's side tho.... still..... ( There is a lot to talk about here really, but I am sure most of the audience here is the same as the Heroes! vs DoH war thread, and not the best to be repetitive. If you havent seen the OPs yet, which i doubt, you should go check the thread out, I will leave a link: )

      DoH happen to have more than a few "friends" outside of their ally including members from the ally 'touch'. Evident from the very recent def points accumulated.

      YD seem to be not as involved in NW anymore as they were in the initial weeks, perhaps the right move considering there were only splats there from YD's side -.-

      NORTHEAST (+|+)


      Unique Artefacts (Account wide) currently held = 1

      Movement - Eyes

      Large/Great Artefacts (Account wide) currently held = 3

      Movement - Boots (x2), Confusion

      Small Artefacts (Villa wide) currently held = 3

      Movement - Architect, Trainer, Confusion

      The first (and only) ally in this post to not have any movements in any artifacts they have owned. Ofcourse it is more complicated than that. Considering Aliens and Aegina have a confed with each other.

      Lets talk about the unique. They got 1 from NE and have been using it like expected. In fact a good strat they pulled of recently was - Your Nightmare had the unique boot, so in our daily OPs against them, it was obvious your nightmare would join, cause he always does. Unique boots meant he would join the latest and his fakes/real would launch in a short span of time. Since the others in our ally had already launched, they took the targets and noted down the travel time from Your nightmares hammer villa. It was a 8 minute span in which all attacks were meant to be sent. They scouted every 7-10 seconds in that 8 minute span. One mistake (or conisder it luck for us if you want, i know i do) was that they scouted the main hammer villa, and not the one which was supposed to be sent in the OP. But still if they did get the villa bang on. They would have figured out where the real was, and splatted all of us. Sorry for the long explanation, it was just a smart and interesting thing to witness which i wanted to share.

      Moving on

      They got a couple of large boots to help them perform their OPs as well. A confusion as well in the mix ^^

      Their small trainer however seems to be constantly with Myrmidoni in the recent days. It has been used till now in 4 different villas of his. Talk about focusing on a single acc :p However if we wanna count since arti day it has been in 9 different accounts. Which is not less by any means.


      Unique Artefacts (Account wide) currently held = 1

      Movement - Fool

      Large/Great Artefacts (Account wide) currently held = 3

      Movement - Eyes (x2), Storage, Architect

      Small Artefacts (Villa wide) currently held = 8

      Movement - Architect, Eyes, Diet (x2), Trainer, Confusion, Fools (x2), Boots

      Right. Lets talk about my best friends ally (niho).

      They got themselves the unqiue fool which spawned in our quad. As well as the unique eyes which spawned in our quad (it was in fact aegina who got fools, and aliens who got eyes, guess they figured it out to switch it over hehe). Despite a decent number of accounts of YD placed in unique zone, Aliens and Aegina reached before us to both. So good work on arranging the clearance and pick up to them. Coming back to the topic of the Unique Fool. It is now safe in the boonies, and I dont think its going anywhere :p Aliens Team has been using it just as well as it can be used. Chiefing until unique trainer effect and friendly farming to get the required res. It really is a deadly combo. Expect great things (aka monster hammers in my dictionary, im sure heroes! would disagree hehe) from the account.

      Moving on to the Large artifacts at their disposal. 2 eyes, I havent seen them in much use to be honest, unlike the unqiue eye, but it may be that these scouts slipped by without me noticing. A large architect is also present outside the ally but is definitely one of their members. No movement for them in any of the Account wide artifacts.

      But there is some movement to talk about in the Small artifacts section. They stole a small confusion from YD.

      Report: Report not found. (will try to post in my next post in the coming days)

      While they lost their small boot to YD

      Defintely not the smartest idea to keep boots so close to YD hammers (it was 4.5 fields from me). A lot of losses for YD to get that artifact tho. But it did infact secure one thing, the future clearance of the area. I will dive further into it in the overall summary of the quad.


      Unique Artefacts (Account wide) currently held = 4

      Movement - Architect, Boots, Diet, Confusion

      Large/Great Artefacts (Account wide) currently held = 7

      Movement - Confusion (x2), Storage, Trainer, Trainer (2), Trainer (3), Diet (x2), Architect

      Small Artefacts (Villa wide) currently held = 12

      Movement - Boot (1), Boot (2), Eyes (x3), Trainer (x2), Storage (1), Storage (2) storage (3), Fools (x2), Fool (3), Confusion

      The colours probably speak for itself. As a YD member, not a single day goes by when its not entertaining ^^

      YD got themselves a whopping 4 unqiues even tho both of the ones which spawned in NE were taken by Aliens/Aegina Meta xD

      One sneaky steal from cross quad got us the Unique diet. And I have to be realistic to the result. It is not because we were the better team or blah blah. It was due to 2 things.

      a) We are spread over 3 quads. And all in central area. This is obviously is a massive advantage on its own.

      b) Our leader was up for more than a day trying to organize it all. I am sure other leaders were too, but the dedication shown by enric was unreal. Managing a near 100 man team (D&L and SE bunch did their own coordination) with just extra helping hand is not going to be easy. I am sure the artifact screw up by TG gave us an advantage, but it should be appreciated and known that it was turned into an advantage due to commitment, because in the end, we all suffered the same amount cause of TG.

      Moving on.

      Unique boots, have played an incredibly important role already and will continue playing one till we have it, in the almost daily OPs that we have been doing against aliens and aegina mainly, but others too. (Including the Large trainer steal from dacia)

      Large artifacts sure have had a decent amount of movement. With 1 large storage being stolen from |SE|.

      report: report not found (will try to post in my next post in the coming days)

      2 large trainers being stolen from us. Not much to show report wise. It was 3k clubs accompanied by catas and chiefs.

      And lastly

      1 Large trainer stolen from Dacia. Once again not much to see, was a simple chiefing with 2-3k clubs I believe.

      We do see 1 large architect outside the alliance (with a friendly) as well.

      Moving on to the small artifacts.

      1 small boot stolen from Aliens with quite a few hammers thrown: - 1st hammer to land - 2nd hammer to land - last hammer to land

      Sorry about not all reports being there. I have lost many of them, and the other half say report not found.

      1 small storage from YD stolen in SE quad by |SE|. I honestly didnt know about this one till I opened up every artifact page and studied it for this analysis. So if |SE| has the report, please share.

      1 small storage stolen by YD.

      report: Converter - Battle reports Travian

      1 more small arti lost. Confusion. As mentioned above, it was lost to Aliens.

      And 1 fool picked up from |SE| by mohsin. No clue if friendly pick up or steal. This fool i would like to talk about tho. Much like DoH and aliens with their usage of fools, Mohsin does a brilliant job in grinding out the cheifs and getting himself the desired effect he wants. That guy actually got 3 unique effects and 1 large effect, in a span of 4 days once, completely naturally, no chiefing. So luck plays a grand role i guess in this too. Till now i used to think everyone gets crappy effects just like me and the rest xD

      Trainer stance i would like to approach as well. YD once stood at 2 small trainers and 2 Large trainers, it was the perfect thing which was needed by us. But our incompetence got the better of us. With one being stolen back, we hope to not screw up like last time again.

      Overall I would like to say that YD prolly did the best out of everyone in artifact phase. The following days were questionable considering all the splats, and failed OPs, and succefull OPs against us by |SE|. However YD still stand at a lot of artis. To me the only thing that means is, YD have more to lose. These many artifacts, surely the enemies can play it to their advantage. The coming weeks will tell I guess.

      Overall summary of the quad:

      NE looks messy and fun, as usual. With daily OPs and hits between the 2 metas. It is where the fun is at for sure. One thing you do have to consider when looking at this quad is the fact that Aegina and Aliens play together. Run Ops together. Defend together. So even though in my summary they seem weak, believe me they are far from it. In my opinion they stand as the toughest group to beat. Cause of their sheer size, coordination, and setup on the map. Their central accounts are enough on their own to counter YD, above that massive accounts in boonies for end game. It's near impossible to come out at top here. Dont worry I am not losing hope in our cause lel.

      Considering the recent few days. YD have reformed and their OPs look way more organized than before, im sure aliens and aegina can vouch for that. Its not the blindly splatting everywhere anymore. And in return weekends are a pain with aliens running on us constantly then.

      There have been a LOT of OPs which took place in the recent days, including a few of YD caps being 0'd. A few of Aliens and Aegina caps being 0'd. A handful of hammers chiefed here and there. Trust me there is a LOT of interesting reports being accumulated here.

      I simply do not have the time as of now to gather them all as I am on a tight schedule and I apologize for that. But If you guys would wish to see it, I will be back on the 26th to post properly again.

      Some of the ones I could gather quickly:…2,56967850808,5696793673e

      ^ I do believe this one got chiefed later by us, unless another town in Aegina is named Amanda. Not sure tho.

      one of our caps 0'd:

      This is all i could find this instant saved with me, but there is about 10-12 times more reports than that. Maybe even more

      THE SOUTH (+|-) & (-|-)


      Unique Artefacts (Account wide) currently held = 0

      Movement -

      Large/Great Artefacts (Account wide) currently held = 2

      Movement - Trainer, Confusion, Storage

      Small Artefacts (Villa wide) currently held = 3

      Movement - Diet, Storage (1), Storage (2), Fool, Boots

      Moving on to the +|- quad. Least to say many people dont like me from this ally :( #feelsbadman

      But I'd like to still comment on their performance through all this, cause it has been impactful on the round imo.

      Granted the fact that there were some top YD accounts near the perfect location for the unique in this quad, it seemed appropriate to assume that unique was just not in their fate.

      Moving on to larges. Initially |SE| had acquired a confusion as well as a storage. A few hours into artifact phase settling down, YD stole the storage from them, as mentioned above as well. Followed by a small fool steal (or maybe friendly pick up, not sure on this one) as well as the account hellgorak losing 100k clubs and the small boots to Dacia. Surely |SE| were in a slum.

      Yet they impressed us. And quite frankly, caught us (YD) very off-guard. With consistent non-timed attacks and switching heroes items, it seemed as tho it was just the usual stuff. But BOOM! 2 large trainers gone! How? A well played move by them alongside with a noob move from YD. To not defend a chiefable village at all. Both Large trainers were chiefed together, and heroes were sent to pick up the artifacts, and got in time before we could. Have to say, it was unexpected, but a lack of quality definitely from us. The movement shows 1 trainer gained, but in fact it was 2 gained by |SE| but was soon picked up by Dacia (will talk about this later as well)

      Reports of stolen trainers aren't much to see tbh, 3k clubs accompanied by catas and chiefs.

      The trainer however to my surprise has been with just 1 acc this entire time. Don't know what their plan is with it, but seems odd and well ..... not right.

      Overall I would say it was not a bad week for |SE| whatsoever. They came back from a slump, which many struggle to do. Shows character. Overall the SE (+|-) quad had a lot of competition in terms of artifacts just like most of the other quads, so it is not a bad thing to see that |SE| does not have as many artifacts.


      Unique Artefacts (Account wide) currently held = 0

      Movement -

      Large/Great Artefacts (Account wide) currently held = 6

      Movement - Architect, Boots, Eyes, Diet, Trainer(1), Trainer (2), Storage

      Small Artefacts (Villa wide) currently held = 7

      Movement - Fool (x3), Trainer, Diet, Boot, Architect

      Lets talk about our friends who have come second time in a row under the leadership of zmeul. With Dacia being pretty much alone in the quad, and recruiting top accounts with the likes of Resira and Bluemoon, artifacts I'm sure were supposed to go smoothly for them. And they did.

      Execpt for the sneaky cross quad steal of the Unique Diet by YD from right under Dacia's noses, Dacia have had a good few days. Lets start with how much they initially stood at. 6 larges with 1 of each type (except confusion) as well as a few small arti's.

      Onto the movement of artis in the following days.

      Small Boot was stolen from |SE| Some of YD players cleared the small boot hellgorak had, as well as killing a 100k mace hammer sitting at home, but another YD fail lead to them not being able to pick the boot up. Resira capitalized on it and sent a quick attack and got it 1h ahead of us landing.


      Around the same time I believe, they also stole a small trainer from Istanbul.


      Quite a few hammers lost for the sole small trainer, but who am I to judge being in the team which has splatted the most xD

      But karma being as it is. YD stole a large trainer back from Dacia (not the same one), the same way |SE| did. After which dacia responded in a smart way. Reinforcing the village with 400-200 units every 10 seconds, trying to kill the hero which ends up trying to pick up the artifact. One in fact was killed. The other had to go through 103 druids, surviving on just 32% hp. Well played to dacia for trying what they did, it was smart.

      The large trainer I believe I have already explained. It is the same one which |SE| stole from YD. So far they have shared that specific trainer with 2 accs only. The one which was stolen by YD, was for many days in the safe hands of Bluemoon, who btw has quit now and is just suiciding hammers on Aegina :p Guess they got some history.

      The small trainer on the hand has been used across 4 accounts, and seems to be in proper rotation as of now.

      Overall summary of the 2 southern quads:

      Considering the recent events, the south has taken an interesting turn. With the central allies of both quads joining hands, they might be a force to reckon with. So far we haven't seen any OPs being performed by both sides in cooperation, but I wish to see in the future. It surely is something to spice up the quad more.

      With each quad looking like it has its own interior conflicts and battles (except SW -|-) It will be an interesting round for sure.


      My personal prediction for the server : Aliens/Aegina meta win this round.

      My reason for this prediction : They simply have the perfect combination. Fighting in central being Aegina + a couple Aliens accounts. And simming up the necessary troops for WW stage in boonies/woods being the Aliens and its wings. I am not taking credit away from anyone, or trying to slander anyone's name, BUT, the MASS friendly farming is just making their lives too easy. With the acc 'aliens team' getting enough res to be a top3 raider, it is just 1 example of many.

      Their game plan for this round is simply unbeatable, considering what everyone has else in plan. Heroes! and DoH are busy killing each other, both sides taking decent losses. YD hitting everything in sight (many times blindly) with I dont think a plan to build WW (not sure on this one tbh, enric that slave tells us nothing) SE and Dacia in constant battle with others as well. I predict a minimum of 30M def in their WW, minimum. Alongside some monster hammers to 0 any opposing WW's.

      On top of that Aegina and aliens have proved (to us at least) that they are very much capable of running OPs. Aegina in fact is a top quality ally in OP terms. Considering timings, fakes and everything. For me this round wouldn't have been a fun one without this bunch in NE. I am sure they share this thought with us at least.
      They see me rolling
      They hating