How do people raid/attack oasis with Gauls 1st week?

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    • How do people raid/attack oasis with Gauls 1st week?

      I've seen on comx a gaul who managed to get both #1 attacker and #1 raider with Gauls in the 1st week. 3880 points in attack and about 680k resources in raiding. He said he rushed to TTs, didn't say anything more.

      My question is - how is this possible to be achieved with Gaul?

      I understand you can buy ointments and cages, but here cages are excluded because he had almost 4k offensive points, so he definitely attacked a lot of troops on oasis. Also with ointments I doubt he brought that many as comx is way too competitive and you'd run out of gold very easily when auctions are up if you were to buy a lot of ointments. (5 cages were like 10k silver, ointments were close).

      How it is really possible? You gold, get the most out of taksmaster, I think the best way is to get one of lvl 1 res field, then MB, embassy, lvl 2, warehouse, granary, residence, warehouse lvl 7 and then with all these resources you probably get all your fields to lvl 4, with instant build, maybe some to 5.

      And then?
      Ok, you get TT but one TT costs 1090 resources. So let's say you've got wood to 5, clay to 5, iron to 4, crop to 4. That would equal to 695+695+460+690 = 2540 resources, so 2,5 TT per hour. In 10 hours you get around 25 TTs. In the resource prod we didn't take into consideration hero production, we'll need all points to strength, but int the beginning we'll have points on on resources so add for the first 10 hours another 10 TTs probably.

      So we have approximately 30-40 TTs. You'll probably abuse TT's speed to snipe oasis that have already been cleared up by the others in your area, but that's it, so you won't get many resources clearing after others, and you dont get attack points either.

      If you attack with those tt's an oassis that has full res, you will still lose more than 4, which makes the oasis not worth it anymore.
      A simple combat simulation - 40 TTs against 17 rats, 11 spiders and 4 bats - you lose 5 TTs (hero cleared some troops before) and you still don't manage to kill all deff - only about 85%

      5 tts lost for 4000 resources, not profit.

      So how do ppl attack oasis with gauls? the example with rats and spiders was a minimal one, most oasis have better deffence than that, let's not add into discussion crop oasis or wood

      I am really curious into this, I really like TT as a raiding unit, but I cannot understand how gauls manage to get both attacking points and raiding with it. If i would do it I'll lose more TT's then I raid, which would make my raid not worth the cost of troops
    • Good question, seeing it as I'm in the same ally as the account you are talking about I guess I can give you a better idea on how its done.

      It is mainly done by the hero clearing oases and then his troops follow and slowly empty the oasis for ress, you need a lot of oints to do it, some say that the account was sitting at 3000 oints at one point :x

      Oases are somewhat easy to clear early on, you can use Kirilloids Combat Simulator to see how much health your hero will lose when clearing an oasis.

      Once you start going and get a good ress income from raiding the first few oases you can start building more troops and the more troops you have the quicker you can empty an oasis and continue on the next one. You can do a lot of things if you have a lot of gold :)