Looking for an account to dual/trio on.

    • TS1

    • Looking for an account to dual/trio on.


      I'm a seventeen y/o Dutch guy who is looking for, preferably, an US/Canadian/Asian account on which I can play. I have several years of experience but don't like to go into detail on here. (names can be requested) I am a gold player, but as a student don't like to spend that much. I don't have any preferences for tribe nor for play style. Basically open to any way of playing so to speak :). I am however looking for someone who knows how to play the game well and would like to share their knowledge.
      My timezone is GMT +1.

      If interested please add me on skype: deoranor
      Or you can start a conversation on the forums

    • Hi, i m looking for shares for the next 3x ita, starting the 22th of november

      I m a student like you, and i have been playing for 2 years. When i play I always try to build a top 50 account, otherwise it s not worth spending time and gold imo

      I usually play romans off (I have 2 friends who will play def) and I'm already in a good ally

      in case you are interested contact me on whatsapp: +39 3452892161