AA are back - on the road in the US!

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    • AA are back - on the road in the US!

      Hello everyone, Andy (Zombie,Shrek) here from Alcoholics Anonymous AA (those that don't know of us we are previous winners of UK5 thrice and UK2 once) We are forming up again and are going to start up over the atlantic on the next US server which should be starting on or around the 5th December.

      We would like to make this a server to remember and hopefully fill it with a great set of alliances so we are putting out a challenge for any alliance to come and make it a great fight. So leave them other "not so good" servers with no challenge and let's make a great one together.

      Also any ex AA player or friend who wants to play with us again grab me on skype to join up - andyeppy81

      Let the good times begin
      The Zombie - UK29
    • I'm unsure how much interest you'll get.
      All of the major alliances from across the domain are currently embroiled in battle on us1.

      Jonothan Crane wrote:

      Patients suffering delusional episodes often focus their paranoia on an external tormentor. Usually one conforming to Jungian archetypes. In this case, a scarecrow.
    • Hi Travian'eers,

      Me and a friend of mine would be playing the Tournament Finals this
      year, and are looking for players to join. Both of us have around 7-8
      yrs experience on travian and are well versed playing all the tribes.

      What we are looking for:
      - English/Spanish as means of communication
      - At least 2 yrs Travian experience
      - Available for at least 2 hrs a day and be responsible i.e. play the account as your own!

      We will be playing Teutons FYI (offense & raiding)

      As of time being we do not care if you buy gold, you can if you wish to.
      We'll be happy to include players from any timezone, and look forward
      for more 2 players to join our small rag tag team.

      "Viper somos, Viper seremos y entre piedra y piedra en polvo te convertiremos"

      Net2 Viper (Dark Minion) Net5 JKB (Dark Minion)

    • Something Wicked (SW) the recent winners of Us2 (also known as H+ who won a US round or two) is considering joining the next US server start. It all depends on when the next US server begins. After Us2 ended in August some of us joined Us1, some are running on Beta and others are taking time off. We are in the running for victory on Beta as SABRE though so that is definitely weighing on any decision we make.

      We are also a bit disappointed in US server numbers. Us2 ended with about 330 players.... and the fact Us1 has all the major players and alliances (outside of us), any new server ending in the next 6 months is going to be devoid of competition. A move to COM might be in order to at least have warm bodies to fight.

      So we shall see. It depends what dates get announced. It would really be beneficial if they would announce server a lot farther in advance. It is hard to plan what to do when you don't know a server is starting until 2 weeks or less until it starts and you also don't know when the next one after that will start. It could be a month, it could be 2-3 months...

      I suspect there may not be a normal US start in January, if HQ decides to launch new Fire & Sand servers in January like they did with ROA this past January.
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      Carni wrote:

      God I would kill to have like 4 of you on every team I play