Looking for Dual(s) for the upcoming UKx

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    • Looking for Dual(s) for the upcoming UKx

      Hey ladies and gentlemen

      I've been playing Travian since 2006 (There's literally nothing i don't know about this game). I am highly experinced offensive player. I have 1 company with me so far. I am looking for minimum 1, maximum 2 duals.

      The only disadvantage of us is we can't buy gold (since we are student and we don't really have a real income, and currency difference between UK and our country even makes it harder)

      Requirements of Dual(s):
      - Must buy Gold
      - At least 1 of them must cover night shift (GMT 21:00-05:00)
      - Doesn't have to be highly experienced, but shouldn't be a beginner as well

      If we accomplish the requirements above i guarantee you a top account and a lot of medals.
      If you are interested, start a conversation with me. Let's meet and talk.

      Have fun
      Saint Anger 'round my neck
      He never gets respect