AA Call to Arms!

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    • AA Call to Arms!

      Hello to all Swedish players

      We are a UK alliance with previous successes on UK5 and UK2 and are trying to create a very good legends server on a US or UK server, whichever starts first. We are putting a call out for any alliance to come and challenge us and make this server one to remember, win or lose. Travian in general is unfortunately becoming very boring on the domestic domains with lower numbers/competition and the COM servers are not much fun at all due to various reasons. So let's try and create a multi domain server for as many preformed alliances as we can, one should be starting some time after 5th December that we can try together.

      Sorry for my post in English but I know your English is a lot better than my Swedish, lol.

      Our challenge is out, will anyone take us up on the offer?
      The Zombie - UK29