Change to quest order in "T4.4 Adventures Patch 8"

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    • Change to quest order in "T4.4 Adventures Patch 8"

      Templar Knight wrote:

      - Early game tasks were rearranged to improve the early game
      The changes are in the category Battle:
      Quests 8 and 9 (10 Adventures and Auctions) are moved behind 14 (Upgrade Units)

      What is the reasoning for this change?

      Me, and practically any semi-competitive player would never dream of upgrading units before having completed 10 adventures and used the auctions.

      I don't complete the task normally until at least ½ a month into the server or more, because it's extremely ineffecient, and expensive:
      1. The upgrade is not worth it's own cost until you have a certain amount of units of that type - and we're talking an amount that no player will have within even a week - until you have that amount, it's more efficient res wise to just produce more of the unit, since the cost is smaller than the gain from upgrading the unit.
      2. The reward for completing is of little value to your early game, and the competition to settle 2nd. In fact, the res you spend on the upgrade will set you back significantly in the race for croppers.
      3. Putting other quests after upgrading troops means that you will either waste a large amount of res, just so you can complete these two other quests, or that you won't complete those last two quests until several weeks into the server.

      I didn't mind the quest being there, with little reward - because it was the last quest in the line, so it didn't matter when I completed it. But putting it as something to be done before you even complete 10 adventures? Absurd.

      I get that the quests might be designed to teach new players the different things they can do in the game. But shoehorning both new players and experienced players into wasting res on something that they should never spend res on so early in the game is completely senseless.

      Please restore the former quest order. This way, experienced players can delay upgrading their units until it makes sense, and new players will still be presented with the posiblity of upgrading units, but not until having completed most of the other stuff.

      Animis opibusque parati
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      Sorry for late reply wishmaster and saw you started another thread about this same topic.

      I have heard nothing about about the quest order being put back as it was and have not been given any info regarding the whys

      I will make sure to ask again and see if I can squeeze some info out as I know many of you are wanting to know the reasoning behind it.

      Just wanted you to know I have not forgot.

      Just been busy sorting out another domain but will get back to you as I always do.

      Thanks for being patient on this one as a lot has been going on.

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      PLEASE DO NOT PUT IT BACK IN ORDER! I will half thank you for this update. A little grateful because now we do not have to wait 3 days to take the 1400 resources from barracks 3, 740 of Academy and 2000 from smithy. Even if it means giving up on 730 resources that you get from auctions.
      The whole point of this shift is obviously because earlier you needed to wait 3 days to have the 10th adventure + Auctions which would lock this portion of the task list.
      But I have to say that it defeats the purpose of this shift which is obviously to make the tasks go smooth and without the waiting period of 3+ days for 10 adventures + Auctions. I'd request you to ask the developers to shift the task by 1 step. That way auctions + adventure task is not going to get locked behind Research Unit + Smithy Upgrade. Doesn't matter if it's one step or two steps ahead of smithy since you can complete two tasks at a time.

      Though I'll go ahead and say that teutons will be able to research scouts with some bounty due to auctions + research bounty of academy. But other tribes will be at a slight disadvantage here. (I've never bothered to note the resource given by Unit Research :p Since earlier it was meaningless to reasearch pre-settling. So maybe the above statement is slightly off the mark)

      Basically: Please move adventures + auctions 1 step ahead only. If not possible, keep it where it is. We always have barracks3 etc before 10 adventures.

      AbounA wrote:

      i just want u to know i have no prob with u not knowing good English but don't act smart and use stuff i said that u don't even understand to try to hurt me bro
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      Okay Everyone

      Here is some info I can share about this quest order change.

      It was done to help the newer player out a bit as well as make it even more simple for the experienced player.

      The grain mill change is done for basically same thing too. This will allow an experienced player to use those resources for something other then level 2 grain mill if they want.

      This gives you more resources to do what you want with if you wish. Although it is the amount of what level 2 grain mill costs it gives the experienced players an option to build troops because you don't want me showing up at your gates and have no troops.