UK3 Server Awards

    • TS3

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    • -SR wrote:

      Woops, if memory serves, he threw his rams at you and the bulk of his hammer at a friendly? Someone can correct me if I'm wrong. Either way, it was a shambles.
      he threw his troops that weren't raiding at giga and the rest with his 17k rams at Ra because he chiefed a natar village he wanted. Total utter waste of space, im glad he left don't think I could of handled another 3 months of him
      tormentor - As for replying to other posts, I really cannot stand the stench, even the nose plugs are not stopping it.

      listers losers - Does that mean youve taken off the gimp mask?
    • first of all congratulation to RD
      and thanks for not attacking herby acc guys
      best attackin player in my opinion was gigawatt
      best defender was our defenders:D
      bes ally was null,as it was a hard job to walk in the park while we and RD made a bloodbath out of the server
      and of course I have regrets too on this server(cant believe I haven't kicked my dual this server):D
      and the most stupid decision I ever made was starting dualling with hag.nothing to do with this server:D
    • Was a good server fellas.
      I was practically first timer (have played for couple months 4-5years ago) and had no will to spend a lot of time to be better on here, but all in all I enjoyed it.

      Thought MFH/NMS was a total winner this round and we had team strongly team up with RD to beat them. I was wrong.
      Didn't expect someone to build 3 big hammers on one damn account :O I was thinking he was good, but didn't expect that good :D Shout out to Giga!
      Also at the end it got clear I am totally on the bottom on terms of quality as I saw a lot more good hammers this server, which made me wow.

      As I was not spending so much time, I was loyal to my ally and couldn't think of treason. So I was not thinking someone could, also. Was wrong again. Hate Ca1. No fun dude. (plus that lukevardy or whatever and some other guys from the past).

      GG to RD. You deserved it! Awesome performance, nice quality.
      Also MFH/NMS - I was always thinking you were the best ones in here. Shout out to you, too ;) As I didn't like you, but are very well organized fellas ;)

      As seen from this server, I need to invest a lot more time to be better on travian :D

      Was nice to play with you all

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