US1 Alliance Analysis #2

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    • US1 Alliance Analysis #2

      Hey guys, don't get your hopes up. You know I'm lazy.

      However, Lethal Jimmy posted his thoughts in another thread, and it can count as the start of such a thread.

      NE- This is where I am so I need to be careful on the bias. We have an an amazing team. We are the most underated coming into the server but we knew better of what we where bringing. Even a few people in the SW and SE jumped out thinking we did not have the power to compete against the SW. We are by far not the favorite to win but we are proving our salt. We only came with about 60 players and have absorbed some new players and teaching them so in all reality FB and zodiacs where about the same in competition to us. We knew we needed to spark that war first and hold the SE off with some sick anvils.

      SE- Seems to be a scappy bunch on experienced players. I highly respect a few players on their team but they are not going for a WW and they are very dangerous. My prediction here is that eventually the SW will out grow them and run them over. No disrespect here but they just dont have the numbers. They are more scappy than FB and far more experienced. We shall see if a scabby group like this can hold on with everything they have got. I have personally done this with 30 of the players on our team and we crushed that server.

      NW- Zodiacs have not proven anything yet but that they can sim and toss 300 fakes for one hammer. They have also proved that they are not someone to be trusted and will let their own confeds down to cover their own butts. I have a few players on our team that know who they are and they are a legitimate contender on the server. The SW are counting on this war between the NE and NW to give them a better shot at winning.

      SW- This is still the team to beat on the server. Mired with drama and switching leadership, they still have the largest talent pool on the server and the most exp of working as a team. I am not sure why they are having issues but I have seen some of these guys steam roll a whole server with ease. They are clearly in a heated battle with the SE but something seems to be in their heads. If they get their crap together and Zodiacs and Evil corp are beat up so bad this server is theirs to lose.
    • Alright, a sharkky mini analysis:


      Strong bunch, some very good accounts and some decent planning has been done. And they haven't really been hit yet. A few working hammers took some dings on FB, but this lot retain most of their strenth and have an impressive arti cabinet. Beyond making skype deals though, I don't know what their fearless leader actually does. She doesn't plan, having admitted going a full server without writing a single OP, she certainly doesn't build hammers... Some kind of cheerleading/mascot role perhaps? Quite strange. Of the 'big 2' that started - they remain the stronger, even if some there want to downplay that.


      Getting on with doing what they do; being a fly in someone's ointment, with varying success. Given that they don't care about winning, they are a dangerous bunch to engage with - exactly what the SW have been doing. They'll continue to have a FUN round at others' expense; it's all just gummy worms to them.


      Gotta hand it to the planners there (jarwa?) for relentless and generally very good op's. They aint messing about. The working hammers are taking hits though, the troop counts are depleting. Are they a tad reckless? Maybe... Their defences won't be in as good a state as the NE's, but if they can keep the end game hammers safe, they're a major player. Mired by internal drama in the leader room, it seems that there's a lot of cooks in that kitchen. And they lost a certain crow-scarer who has an excellent strategic mind, but perhaps was too unconventional for some luddites in the council.


      I'll come to FB last, since they are my home this server. Zodiacs - internally, this may well become the blueprint for the way contender alliances have to run in future. Some with knowledge that goes beyond the bounds of regional servers will get what they are doing. Others will see it soon I'm sure. For now, let's just say that the internal support structure there is such that these guys can build hammers and anvils that will really open the eyes of many people here. And it goes well beyond "they have been allowed to sim", although that's true also (some kudos to FB here). The main criticism is that they have been super conservative thusfar, and their OP planning has not been shown yet, having never thrown multiple hammers in anger. If they are even semi-competent though, they have the hardware to shake the server.

      And FB; I've had a blast playing with these guys. I knew none before this server. Zodiacs' pitbull still has some teeth left, even if they've been smashed around a bit. And the longer they absorb damage from the NE, the more they strengthen the NW overall. This was always how it was going to be, and they've done their job well. Anything beyond that is for others to comment.
      ~sharkky (U.S)

      Peter North (RJ) - XXX leader S5r6 - win
      Sativa - Funtards - S4r7

      Current hangout: 2 dudes 1 horse S1
    • Quelaana wrote:

      When can we expect that, Burninator?
      I suppose am in the position to do such a thing, so perhaps tomorrow evening if that is a request, Que. Since I might enjoy it, I will still owe you one even if it is an ask :p.

      That said -- and I include this caveat pretty much everywhere -- I'm new to playing Travian with you competent players, and my comments are likely to reflect my inexperience. [TL;DR, I'm a noob.]
    • The Burninator wrote:

      These don't really count as analyses :p.

      Account counts / developed cap cropper counts / arty counts -> verifiable, irrefutable facts.
      Known hammer sizes (public reports) -> more known facts
      THEN comes your impression of their competence!

      Y'alls seem to have the bottom bit first :p
      Hence the "mini" caveat. Feel free to go ahead and do a quantitative analysis though; there's another request :) Your problem of course will be "known" information. The first line ^ you can do if you can be bothered compiling it (but please do). Known hammers, well that's incomplete at this stage, hence the need for some qualitative commentary. To say that they "don't really count", I'd argue that the "bottom bit" counts more than information that we all know anyway, but no-one can yet be bothered to compile.
      Even if there will always be a little spin attached, depending on who's writing it.

      Quelaana wrote:
      Might be interesting to get one from such a Noob...

      You're doing one then Que! Awesome!
      ~sharkky (U.S)

      Peter North (RJ) - XXX leader S5r6 - win
      Sativa - Funtards - S4r7

      Current hangout: 2 dudes 1 horse S1
    • sharkky wrote:

      Gotta hand it to the planners there (jarwa?)
      Haav came out and released who the op planner is. It's a monkey. He lives in the basement.

      Too many people know tendencies of potential op planners we have available for us in the SW, so we don't want to make it too easy to guess the tendencies. This is why we outsourced our offense to the monkey department. The monkey, similar to how monkeys fling poo, just picks a target from the board and onward the hammers go!
      Hi, I'm Jarwa!

      Danene wrote:

      lol, Jarwa splatted again. I shall name thee, "Mr. Splat"