WvV Round 57 - The Defenders

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    • WvV Round 57 - The Defenders

      The players

      Razorwind alpha'd night 3 - villager
      Hawk alpha'd night 5 - villager

      Zab lynched night 2 - wolf
      Ruffian lynched night 4 - villager
      Notorious Crunchie
      Dario lynched night 3 - villager
      Morgz alpha'd night 2 - blacksmith
      Rob Jakes alpha'd night 4 - villager
      Parkicar - Inactive - villager

      Bob Hawken alpha'd night 1 - villager
      Madz - lynched night 5 - wolf
      Dark Tower
      Mouse-Keyboard - Inactive - villager

      First vote will be 26th December by 9:30pm.

      All Lynch votes and special actions to be sent to the host account via PM.

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    • Kill Post - Night One

      Although the rain was pouring down, the bar was busy. Luke Cage wiped glasses and put them carefully back on the shelves.

      A number of people were sitting at the bar, whilst some preferred to drink quietly in the shadows, watching the evening play out. The shots were being passed round and the talk became livelier. Some of the patrons were regulars, but there were a few new faces who were making their presence known. It wasn’t going down too well…

      “This is a local bar for local people” one slurred loudly. “We want none of you foreigners here” Luke grinned to himself. Lately, the bar had become a bit of a haven for the local European community who sometimes forgot that in New York, they were the foreigners.

      The bar door opened and the familiar face of Jessica Jones appeared from the murk.
      [img='https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQoBzBEKc3kzjEIK_fa2uoIVSmt_vvsxJsQa2woVs-AX-mtm7hixA" style="float: right;margin: 0 0 7px 15px" />
      “Luke” she said urgently
      “Jessica” Luke nodded to her. “What’s wrong?”
      “I can’t find Claire, have you seen her anywhere? It’s time for the vote”
      “Claire is here” Luke nodded to the back.
      Claire reached down a pint glass and some paper pieces. Luke solemnly wrote a name on his paper, folded it and dropped it in the glass, then passed it around as each person still conscious (and there were a lot still passed out from the mulled wine from Christmas) dropped their choice of name in.
      “Are you sure this is the best way?” Claire asked.
      “It’s the only way to expose the Hand. Tell us the vote results.”

      Razorwind - Mouse-Keyboard
      Hawk - no lynch
      Zab - Passed out
      Lemon - Notorious Crunchie
      Ruffian - no lynch
      Notorious Crunchie - lemon
      Dario - Passed out
      Blaze - no lynch
      Morgz - Passed out
      Rob Jakes - Razor
      Andi - no lynch
      Parkicar - Passed out
      Moogle - No lynch
      Deaderpool - Notorious Crunchie
      Bob Hawken - no lynch
      Tombo - Mouse-Keyboard
      Inky - Mouse-Keyboard
      Jakeyy - Lemon
      WIM - Passed out
      PFK - no lynch
      Madz - Tombo
      Lagushki - no lynch
      Cantbeasked - Passed out
      Dark Tower - Moogle
      Mouse-Keyboard - Tombo

      The people looked at each other, various expressions fleeting across faces. Suspicion, relief, disappointment. There would be no lynching tonight. Luke put his arm around Claire and turned to speak to Jessica but she was gone.

      Matt raced along the narrow alleyways, following the strange noises he had heard, noises that spoke of pain and suffering. Someone was grunting, panting, the noises a person made when poison was turning their body to a cage of agony. Just round the corner from Luke’s bar, he found the source of the noise. Matt crouched low, placing his hand on the man’s head. A hand reached up and grabbed Matt’s hand. “Bob” Matt sighed, “who did this to you?” Bob breathed out his last breath, but in the groan Matt just managed to decipher the words “The Hand…”

      As the rain continued to race down, a dark figure stood watching the river slurp by, its poisonous taint showing in the lemonish hue cast by the streetlights. The swirling bubbles almost made it appear like the cinder toffee sold at the street fairs. Another, smaller figure drew next to him and took his hand. The taller figure looked down. “It could be that we can save the city, but it could also be that it will be us against the world” he whispered. The smaller figure turned her head to watch the river, spitting a plum stone into its dark depths. “Whatever happens, we do it together”

      Lynch vote - no lynch
      Alpha kill - Bob Hawken - villager

      New Roles - The Lovers
      The first night, the Host chooses 2 players at random and makes them fall in love. If one dies, the other dies too. A lover can't vote against the other lover. If the lovers are a villager and a werewolf, their objective changes; they must eliminate all the players except them.

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    • Kill Post - Night Two

      Matt woke up still tired. Last night, it had felt as if he had lost his only friend.
      He crawled out of bed and into the kitchen to make some coffee. A strong hit of
      caffeine might help him regain his equilibrium. His ears pricked as he stirred the
      dark brew. Someone was outside his apartment door ...

      Inside the bar, the drink was flowing freely again as the talk turned to games, both
      real and virtual. Disagreements started to get heated; outside, a punch up was just beginning between Sebas and Crunchie. Luke picked up one in each hand by their waistbands and dumped them back on the barstools. “Anymore fights over football
      and it will be a banned topic of conversation along with Jakeyy’s shopping lists” he growled. Crunchie squirmed and started to turn purple but didn’t dare admit he had
      a wedgie in case Luke did even more damage.

      Claire sat in the corner, the ghost of Bob watching over her shoulder in a creepily spooky way. She counted up the votes one by one. There could be no doubt. She got up and walked over to Jessica who was downing her tenth JD.
      “Jessica, there could be trouble tonight. Be ready.”

      no lynch
      Passed out
      Dark Tower
      Notorious Crunchie
      No Lynch
      Passed out
      Mouse Keyboard
      Notorious Crunchie
      Rob Jakes
      No Lynch

      The room turned to look at Zab, snoring drunkenly by the bar.
      “Wake up” Jessica growled, grabbing the man by the hair. “Why didn’t you vote last night? What do you have to hide?”
      “I s-s-s-sent m-m-my vote by email, I couldn’t get to the toilet in time” Zab stuttered. Jessica looked in disgust as a long line of drool dropped from Zab’s mouth. “You piece of sh….Oooooff” Before she could finish a knee was in her stomach and she double over. Zab sprinted for the door, but someone was already there.

      “Going somewhere?” Danny asked, pushing Crunchie to one side. Zab went in for a head punch but Danny was faster. The pair fell out of the door, fists and legs flying. (Cue awesome Kung Fu fight scene). Less than a minute later, Zab was lying on the floor, the hidden knife he had pulled from his belt impaled in his own chest. “He was with the Hand” Danny said. “Looks like we found our first wolf. Good going, guys”

      Luke leant back against the bar, folding his arms across his chest. It had all seemed too easy. He picked up the glass of bourbon he had just poured for himself and swigged it in one go. Tomorrow there would be another finger of the Hand to find, but first he needed to sleep. The room began to sway and blur, the people in the bar doubled and their voices became shrill and yet dull. Luke rubbed his eyes. Jeeze, he was way too strong to get drunk on one shot of whisky. He stepped towards the door and staggered, the collapsed on the floor, writhing as his unbreakable skin began to burn, his insides feeling like they would explode.

      “Luke, Luke!” Claire cried, “what’s wrong?” She frantically felt for his pulse but it had already stilled. The big man had fallen to Gao’s poison. Nobody could save him.

      Lynch vote - Zab - finger of the Hand
      Alpha kill - Morgz - Luke Cage (Blacksmith)
    • Crunchie productions in association with Crunchie studios brings to you…

      The Crunch Wolf-o-meter!

      Name - (Wolf rating out of 5 )

      Razorwind – 2
      Not put a foot wrong so far, which is suspicious!

      Hawk – 3
      Who votes no lynch on night two? Someone who is trying to save their wolf buddy, that’s who!

      Lemon – 5
      This man is 100% a wolf. A) because I am psychic and said it before it started. B) Because he voted for me night one which is well suspect. C) He tried to pull the old “AFK” when an alpha happens so he doesn’t look like an alpha, the man plays speed servers for crying out loud so if he wanted to vote he would’ve. D) He keeps trying to push attention to the others on Morgz premortem list of suspects despite knowing good and well that is not a good tactic.

      Ruffian – 3
      Far too quiet, new players should be frequently asking questions. I also this his vote for Morgz may have been confusion from the wolf room where the alpha said they were going for Morgz.

      Notorious Crunchie – 0
      The epitome of innocence.

      Dario – 1
      The more people push his name the more I think he is innocent, then again, they could just be after a little revenge on the forum staff. tehehehehe

      Blaze – 1
      New player, active and asks a sensible amount of questions. Let’s not kill this one, yet!

      Rob Jakes – 4
      Hasn’t claimed to be the seer or one of the lovers for giggles yet, on past form that would suggest he is almost definitely wolf.

      Andi – 1
      Probably a wolf but managed to stay off my radar so far. Which is suspicious.

      Parkicar – 3
      You seen this guy’s photo? Total wolf.

      Moogle – 3
      He hit my capital and is planning with his buddies to hit my WW, can we lynch him whether he is a wolf or not?

      Deaderpool – 4
      Voted me twice now. Must be evil. Pure evil.

      Tombo – 3
      Always suspect.

      Inky – 4
      Attempted to lead the charge on Morgz’s premortem list of suspects then faded away, presumably so the next day she could accuse one of the others of leading the charge. Highly suspect behaviour.

      Jakeyy – 1
      The only thing suspicious about this chap is his facial hair. Also, what happened to that 3rd ‘y’ in his name?

      WIM – 3
      In Moogle’s alliance, can we kill him? Please!

      PFK – 4
      Always a wolf, or a special. Either way we should kill him out of spite :P

      Madz – 3
      Spams the forum whilst others are refreshing page hoping to see the KP appear. Needs to die for that.

      Lagushki - 4
      A silent Lag who still votes is a wolf. Facts of life.

      Cantbeasked – 3
      Is he really absent? Is he really? If he miraculously turns up just in the nick of time to not be removed for inactivity then no, I don’t think he has been.

      Dark Tower – 5
      Spurs fan. Kill immediately.

      Mouse-Keyboard – 2
      This man has a track record of random voting so it’s hard to call him suspicious for it.


      In Summary, the wolves are;


    • For those not reading chat, Crunch is just trying to split the vote...

      There are only 2 options tonight...Follow Razor (who is apparently voice of the seer) and go for Dario...

      Or follow me, on my solo mission and go for Notorious Crunchie.