AA Call to Arms! (Winter specials, anyone?)

    The Tournament 2018 Qualification starts on the 13th June 2018!
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    • AA Call to Arms! (Winter specials, anyone?)

      Hello to all, hope you all enjoyed your Christmas dinners and if like us you are probably still trying to get through all the leftoves lol.

      However the new year is nearly upon us and it seems travian is forcing upon us what looks like it could be a very nice change with a legends server using all 5 tribes available.

      I think we will bring AA to give this a go as long as no other silly changes are added to the game format so we are putting out a challenge for any past enemies or untested alliances to come and battle it out with us on there, I believe 11th January is the date for the UK one!

      Please confirm on here if your team will be up for the challenge so hopefully more will come forward as well.
      The Zombie - UK29