Dual for offensive account ROMAN

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    • Dual for offensive account ROMAN

      Hey Travian 'eers...

      Well I started a few weeks ago an account on the brasilian speed ( Brx ).

      The server started like 2 weeks and a half ago. I got three villages, all next to each other, so they can grow
      very fast. I got one 15c and I already captured an oasis 50% crop bonus.

      We are planning to make a big offensive if we can, not the biggest one but well we can make a nice off. I need
      experienced players and active players.

      They must put some gold in the account, cause we got a 15c and the NPC we can't make it without gold, so well think
      about it, we haven't started the off, we got +600 :rom03: , just to raid but we are planning to get like 1.5k :rom03: for the next week and 0.5k :rom05:

      So think guys it's agood opportunity to have fun and play!!!
      Good bye
      "Viper somos, Viper seremos y entre piedra y piedra en polvo te convertiremos"

      Net2 Viper (Dark Minion) Net5 JKB (Dark Minion)