WW Thread: The Last Stand

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    • APenguinOverlord wrote:

      Will we see MM and any other UK4 players on the upcoming UK1?
      MM will go as an alliance wherever most of us vote for - so dunno yet :)

      to markoram : thanks for letting me know about the reports . i thought i needed to edit all of them ...
      from Lilith with love , the Reaper sends his regards

      very proud member of MM { uk4 , round 8 and 9 - winner on both }
    • Medusa_--_UK wrote:

      Why would we put all possible defence in at level 91 before they have hit us?
      gosh, i don't know, maybe to not get your WW shaved 1 lvl with 25k haeds and 4k cats. Or maybe because there will only be 2-3 attacks on both sides, so no point in calculating. And i don't know, maybe because there are only 2 alliances fighting and you don't need deff for anything else apart guarding WW. Last one would be my favourite one.
    • Medusa_--_UK wrote:

      Certain, not all ;)

      Great team, but there are a few members that are beyond any form of hope

      I reached out on TS19 but I was met with a reaction like a scorned little school girl, it was pathetic
      Hey Medusa, a few of our guys were wondering if you were going to be on s1 now that s4 is essentially over? :)
      Look what I found of mine from the old UK forum!

      Gaul WWK: Converter - Battle reports Travian
    • MarkokraM wrote:

      gosh, i don't know, maybe to not get your WW shaved 1 lvl with 25k haeds and 4k cats. Or maybe because there will only be 2-3 attacks on both sides, so no point in calculating. And i don't know, maybe because there are only 2 alliances fighting and you don't need deff for anything else apart guarding WW. Last one would be my favourite one
      first 2 are not reasons - they are just things u say cause u can offer no logical reason :)

      about ur favourite one ... ??? nothing else besides the ww needs to be defended ? really ... u didnt see the reports i posted from the attack on the resistance artie ? also there is nothing at all left in the whole alliance that needs to be defended ? :)))
      from Lilith with love , the Reaper sends his regards

      very proud member of MM { uk4 , round 8 and 9 - winner on both }
    • Well before I start... I hope to see you guys on uk1, there I suppose we can settle this once and for all :) No planting spies though! Starting NE/SE is probably best option for you guys but im sure you already know that.
      Im sure everyone was looking forward to my reply so lets get started :D I really really need to know how to quote the same post multiple times - can anyone let me know? Im probably being a massive noob.

      EDIT: I found out how to post multiple quotes but cant change it all in time.

      Sorry for the really long message but I would suggest everyone reads it all.

      Dsv_UK wrote:

      why is 8 fields on a capital not an attack ? ... i consider it a nice attack tbh . i got hit in the same way and it was annoying .

      Annoying being the key word. Doesnt cause troops to starve if they are a good player, just costs a few resources. Nothing special about that attack.

      these are the stats from the server

      The best alliances (off)


      and yes , when we started the war with carnage they were more than us - as u said aswell : Carnage had 106 members, MM had 97 - but i still think at that point there more than 106 ... i remember that both carnage allys were full - maybe im wrong, dont remember exactly .
      we did not take rbg in at that time , but later - when they were not 56 players ... we took them when they were aproximately 30 in both rbg and mm!! as u can see , from getter { as u said ? }

      I mean you were already digging yourself a hole with this "MM werent always favourites" and "there have been loads of attacks this server, MM havent been boring" agenda but by posting this you really have stuck the final nail in your coffin. Some quick stats comparing this server (which has basically finished) to uk3 which finished recently:

      uk4 - MM (top alliance) have 6,863,255 offensive points and 4,864,050 defensive points. The top 3 alliances combined have 12,419,322 offensive points and 11,026,512 defensive points.

      uk3 - RD (won the server) had 9,127,790 offensive points (hitting far larger amounts of defence) and 17,957,439 defensive points (notice how that is more than all of uk4 combined). The top 3 alliances combined had 22,747,741 offensive points and 48,911,519 defensive points.

      So are you still going to argue that it wasnt a terrible server? uk3 even had alliances like THOR, Carnage, Sins etc that could drag those numbers up massively but I didnt/couldnt include them. That is not all MM's fault but you have a large part to play. Your members have clearly not been bothering the last few months. The amount of troops on this server is horrible on all sides (as proven above).

      In terms of taking 30 odd members from RBG, did loads delete when they found out they would merge with you? Or you didnt let them in? Because they had 56 at artes and you merged on around day 130. You werent attacking them, and thats one hell of a member loss...

      Want to dig that hole all the way to the Earth's core?

      arties stolen .... i dont have the exact stats { and i dont wanna stay and check every artie to see the owners } ... but from what i can remember , i think carnage stole at least 4 from us , and we stole around 12 from them

      Can tell you dont have the exact stats. So I went and checked every arte. You've stolen 6 and Carnage have stolen 2. That doesnt include the unique diet or unique boots which were given to you. It also doesnt include the 2 where people deleted and you beat Carnage to the natars. Maybe they just defended them really well from all your attacks? But then they would have loads of defensive points? Im confused....

      personally i dont care about building record hammers ... i prefer hammers that do their job, the same goes for war armies,or for other types of armies . maybe as u said we are all noobs and cant make bigger ones - who knows ? or maybe i just have a different vision of the game than u ?

      Yep they did their jobs because its a rubbish server. Put your armies on a decent server and they dont do their job. Glad we agree.

      i played many servers , not on uk , but always it was the same : people who lose blame the ones who won for different things .

      Actually this is the first time Ive done this to an enemy alliance. Normally I congratulate them and say well done (anyone who has played with me before will know that). In fact, Im even playing with one of my enemy alliances on uk1 as I liked them and they earned my respect.

      u say it;s a war game and then , not a game to win with all ur friends ... why not ? if i can play with people i like , why isn't it ok to also win ? .... it's better to play with people i don't like and win ?

      if u say that people in MM dont like it here - why do they continue ? they could delete if they are so annoyed with us

      No obviously its better to have fun and win with friends. Think you misinterpreted what I said.

      And why are people staying with MM? You joking? Most of your players are going to win the server without actually doing anything - why would they leave now?

      u keep reminding that sometolerance is in top 20 attackers ... what is the problem with that ? he attacked and killed some troops - so what ? is that such a big thing ? if we didnt find def in most of our attacks , is that so bad ? there seems to be a difference of opinions here :
      for example , i prefer to attack 4 capitals { yes , with 4 waves only } and not lose any of my army - and u seem to prefer an attack in which u lose all the army on 1 capital { u didnt specify if it passes or not through the def - so dunno ur opinion on that } .

      Obviously I would prefer to get through the defence and take something or destroy a cap. If it comes back, I go again. I prefer an attack that does lasting damage, whether that be killing a lot of defence, taking an arte or destroying a cap. Not putting someone back 24 hours by destroying 8 lv13 wheat fields which you seem to think is a great attack. And if it does all come back that hammer should grow and become a WWk. Your biggest WWk may not even have got into the top 6 or 7 hammers on another server. So clearly something was fundamentally wrong and I would love to know what :)

      also ... i have to add one more thing : i personally do not care if anyone from the opposition doesnt like me , nor do i care if they disagree with any of my actions . i am only interested in the opinion of the people i play with, not those who i play against. i personally like dts's way of talking , and also rcap's . i personally NEVER have shown disrespect towards another player - enemy or ally .

      I dont dislike you mate, Im sure if were on the same team in a future server we will get along, and I cant say I've seen you show disrespect to anyone. But what I am questioning is why you think MM have been absolutely amazing this server, why you think you've done so much and why you think you didnt ruin the server. You've played on a lot of servers before, so dont kid yourself, admit the truth.


      about last server ... i can only comment about what happent after i became involved in MM leadership { some time after we became allies last server } - but , from that point we were outnumbered constantly . gmc had great raiding stats , and a full quad at disposal . gimps merged with fl { se + a part of sw } , while were were 60 players from sw and nw ... at the end as everyone knows we remained around 30 while the others were 70+ ...
      and to add here - weekend warrior , left from mm at some point and started to attack every capital around him { so he was a spy , traitor , etc } - stuff like this happents ...

      ps : u played on sometolarence account aswell ? - if u did , why did u quit ? {if im mistaking u with someone else - sry }

      Cant comment about last server but I havent heard good things. I quit on SomeTolerance because i had a WW to run on uk3 and couldnt run a WW and an offensive teuton account at the same time.

      Dsv_UK wrote:

      no, the overall result of the attack was good for us
      that is what i said about our ww armies aswell - they did their job
      Yeah they did their job. Wont comment on anything like this again but I think everyone knows that you could build a hammer in 30 days that could do more than just a job on this server.

      Medusa_--_UK wrote:

      I've been told, I've been told, I've been told

      Hmm... Sound like you've been told by the same three bitter people to be honest. You have fun friends haha

      A lot more than 3 people, and everything ive been told has been backed with evidence :) Also I dont think they were my friends until this thread :D

      I've said it before, PalecC wasn't our spy, I have no idea who they are. They had beef with Locke, we took the opportunity presented to us. If you can't understand that, it isn't my problem. It's yours.

      No proof can ever be gathered on this from either side unfortunately so we will have to agree to disagree :)

      And your leadership knows that I respect my opponents... strange that you/your team seek personal validation? Not exactly the way to keep my respect. It doesn't work like that

      You have about as much respect for opponents as Logan Paul (too soon?)

      Making the font bold and larger doesnt make it correct hahaha. You know how to draw attention and make people think you're right though. So, here's some times when youve shown people disrespect:

      1) Flower took unique trainer. You sent a message laughing and asking how Carnage lost that arte and that Flower wanted to lose his hammer.

      2) Stopping building the WW so that you can build your hammers up more when you know you will win. That is taking the piss.

      But my favourite part about you stopping the WW to build your hammers more is that its a waste of time and gold, yet the only reason I can see for you doing it is to show that you arent noobs and can build hammers. And in that case I'm so far in your head that you will keep making the mistake of replying to me on the forum saying more incorrect things :D

      I am not going to write you all a pretty poem thanking you for your time.

      3) Sending a message to players after the server finishes saying well done in the most sarcastic way possible to wind people up. Does that count as a poem?

      If we got hit properly we would delete? Who told you that? Those "friends" again?

      Funny how FL wouldn't even imply that, yet you, who haven't hit us a 10th as much or a 10th as hard as they did think you can?

      Come to uk1 and we will see ;) And you say "you" like Im in carnage. Im not defending them, I dont think they have done well either other than a handful of players. But they dont seem to think they are tactical geniuses and having an amazing server.

      Not a SINGLE core MM player has deleted! Not one, all server. Our core has grown quite a bit since we started, and they are all still here. We've made some friends who have come and gone... We've had some have to bug out for personal reasons, but their accounts are still there, under new ownership or sitter ran. They don't delete.

      How is Fingers doing nowadays? Or was he not a core player? Want me to name more or will you stop lying? And how is having a sitter run account not the player leaving? You have some strange beliefs of this game.

      RBG? Eh... What are they to do with us?

      They literally merged with you. Showing great respect to your own teammates there.

      We took the members who wanted to play and they joined MM

      Those who didn't, are clearly still RBG

      RBG deletes, MM doesn't.

      You asked RBG to merge. They agreed so they could win the server without competition. You're currently slagging off the alliance you merged with. Brilliant.

      Contradictory? It's a dull server, MM is far from being a dull team. That's not a contradiction. We would have fun on am empty server (infact we had a contingency plan in place for if you all deleted haha)

      Hmm I could quote many more times you've contradicted yourself, but i think a 1 hour forum post is long enough. Would be much easier if you quoted and replied to me instead of replying and just saying what people want to hear.

      Can't speak for my whole team?


      Any Monkey upset with me calling the alliance a free, fun, hard working team of absolute raving lunatics...

      Is perfectly allowed to call me out and put me straight.

      Until they do, I will continue to defend the best bunch of players I have ever had the privilege of playing with against bitter jealous outsiders who can't handle their game.

      I know plenty of people in MM and they know im not bitter. Im glad I got off the server when I did so that I didnt waste any money. I also know they havent learnt anything and are currently sat at home waiting for you to finally win the server bored out of their mind. They wont say anything because at the end of the day they've won a server.

      I'd let certain FL players join if they asked. I would let certain Carnage players join if they wanted. I DID let Viscous players join (our first rivals)!

      It's EVERYONE else that has a problem, not us. And if you don't think you would fit in here, then you wouldn't.

      Thats good. You would probably still ask me to help you if I wasnt in an enemy alliance - like asking Spyk3 when you already knew you would win.

      I get that you are committed to opposing everything we stand for now, and you clearly don't want to admit you are wrong because you feel validated by everyone else who is wrong.

      Im not opposed to everything you stand for. Im calling you out on lies and telling you the truth about this server.

      But you are wrong. If you truly spoke to any member of MM then you would realise. And I don't mean bait them, I mean have a personal conversation with them.

      You mean like... my dual from uk3 who is in MM? This is awkward...

      Well that took way too long. By now everybody should know the truth about this server and maybe theyve learnt something about MM as well.

      I look forward to a better server on uk1 starting Monday. Hopefully you are all there (including MM). I shall now take my leave for good as this server is finished within a week.
      What reports are you meant to show off if you're a defensive player? :(

      My name is Alex, not Mark :)
    • Day 231 Update

      Many in the alliance would have been disappointed when they saw that MM's hit on Carnage had been greater than Carnage's hit on MM. Many more might have suggested that the graveyard shift had finally begun for Carnage. Expecting dejection, I sent an MM thanking the team and telling them that what they had achieved against the odds was terrific, and that they had truly come through when Carnage needed them most. I then logged off for the night.

      But then the IGMs started coming in. They were battered, they were fatigued, they were lacking in sleep, but there was fight and spirit left in them still. Defensive players, offensive players who had lost their hammers, even smaller players. All asking what they could do to help. Should they build some cats? Should they pump more deff? Tell them, and they will do it. So we sat down and started planning, and thought how best to make an elephant out of a mouse.

      It all started so well. Our support villa hits managed to go through, hitting trade routes and storage capacities around five hours before the attack, starving off some troops in their WW. The support villas greeted us with an aggregate of around 23k troops which otherwise might have been at the WW but, individually and on their own, we managed to pick apart easily.

      But unfortunately it was not enough, our rams didn't go through, and our hammers struggled with the level 20 wall.

      WillEye (rammer): j.mp/2o3otaq

      Accurate (hammer): j.mp/2o1JGBI

      Rcrditu (hammer): j.mp/2o38r0u

      Curi (hammer): Converter - Battle reports Travian

      COCO (hammer): Converter - Battle reports Travian

      Not nearly as big as we would have liked, but I guess that's what I get for asking someone to take over a major account on day 198, telling him that he needed to build a Gaul WWk on day 199, and casually mentioning that he also needed to sitter-build himself a Gaul rammer on day 200.

      Thank you for your efforts, Alex, truly. I'm sorry I couldn't buy you more time, buddy.

    • Medusa_--_UK wrote:

      Also I was asked if I would be in UK1... Why do I need everyone's permission now?
      is someone bugging you? Shame on them! You are your own man, don't let anyone to tell you what you can and can't do. With that said, it looks like you'll eventually just pull out of a challenge of uk1. That's fair, we're not here to judge.

      DaegontheSnake wrote:

      Not nearly as big as we would have liked, but I guess that's what I get for asking someone to take over a major account on day 198, telling him that he needed to build a Gaul WWk on day 199, and casually mentioning that he also needed to sitter-build himself a Gaul rammer on day 200.

      DaegontheSnake wrote:

      Accurate (hammer): j.mp/2o1JGBI
      Ha! Who's the worst dual now? I think we all know the answer now. Puny 5k cats :evil: