[NORDIC] Fact and Rumours - New Year Special Server - NY

    • New Year's Special

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    • [NORDIC] Fact and Rumours - New Year Special Server - NY

      Welcome to NYS - The New Year Special Server

      This thread is for fact and rumours.

      and will be open for players from Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway, in other words:
      The Nordic countries.

      Welcome to all of you.
      We will include all players, so the language has to be in English.

      You are all welcome to share facts and rumours.
      Who will win?
      Who will share everything with us?

      We are excited to hear what is happening on the server!

      Good luck!

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      Medlemmer av Travian-Teamet arbeider på frivillig basis og er derfor ikke tilgjengelige 24 timer i døgnet.

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