Serious game BUGS

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  • Serious game BUGS

    this is the second time im seeing this .... clay is at 15k and i wanted to send out 9k .. what is goin on .. this is fustrating as well .. and im wondering if to continue purchasing gold with this bug goin on
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  • Just on the off chance - have the resources just come in? Sometimes it takes a quick refresh to solve it if resources have recently moved in.

    If not I'd recommend clearing your cache and giving it a go then, failing that if you drop Support a message on the server it's happening with the necessary info (and screenshot if possible), they can pass the information along.

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  • the resources were there and i tried a few times over a few seconds period .. yes u can see res. coming in the prnt scr but tht a long way off
    but this isnt the first time .. before i had to wait before game allowed me to send .. and i will send a message to support as well
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    This does seem the most likely explanation. If it happens again, come out of your marketplace and press refresh to see if the village has been changed.

    I also noticed you are playing a com server. This is the UK forum and we are always happy to help, but if you prefer you can switch to the com forum by clicking on your name in the top right and selecting settings, general, languages, English (com)

    Hope you get it sorted.
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    as tojas said u have sitter access.. i have experienced this numorus time not with sitter but dual cause either both goes hyper active or hypersleeping... no bug...
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