Nominations for Creative mind 2017

    • Nominations for Creative mind 2017

      Vote now for the following nominations 38
        notorious crunchie (22) 58%
        mutley_UK (8) 21%
        WIM (8) 21%
      Here we nominate creative people whose work attracted attention on forum. This can be a story, an image, a video, a poem and so on.

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    • I nominate crunch for the many many many conspiracy theories (storys) he wrote about MFH/NMS
      tormentor - As for replying to other posts, I really cannot stand the stench, even the nose plugs are not stopping it.

      listers losers - Does that mean youve taken off the gimp mask?
    • I came 2nd in a contest I cannot find on the forum. If a mod or whoever can find who came first, then nominate them. It was whilst Hudson was still the CM. This was my piece:

      Dear players. Do you know what strange place Mark saw on the right? What you think will happen next? We invite you to complete the story and tell us what Mark could probably see there.

      [My response]
      Mark’s hair swept across his brow as the moist, salty wind slashed across his face. The smell of barnacles and muscles filled the air, only watered down by the stench of sailors and merchants from the local port village sparring with blunted swords and spears, whose leather tunics were drenched with the sweat that only a long hard day fighting could bring.
      This port village was, of course Santria – a village renowned for its fishing trade and feared for its highly skilled fighters. This village is imprinted in the very stone of Levaron (the region encapsulating Manthaal City, Mantrell, Riverlent and Bridgecreak, along with the many enclaves and small towns that popped up after the Krispin the Fast’s failed plan to take over Santria – a plan that would from then on be known as The Battle of the Seven) due to the constant flow of bold warriors making the harsh journey across the river Restfall to join the Nobleblades of Manthaal City.
      Draynor Miller approached Mark. His hair was ash black, and his face sutty. He spent his days brewing ale in his log hut, and the harsh wind often blew the ash from the recently burned forest (known as The Grove) over his home.
      “What brings a tempered steel-clad warrior like yourself over from Manthaal, sire?” Draynor asked upon approach. His voice was gentle, yet felt like it was cutting right through Mark.
      “I have been sent to escort Master Brin Ellen to the Lord’s Chamber. His request has been accepted with open arms. We hope this may repair the tattered relationship Manthaal has had with Santria” Mark asserted.
      “It would take more than that to repair. Acquiring wood has been very difficult ever since the Battle of the Seven, and the recent fire in The Grove has made matters worse. How can you expect us to accept Manthaal as our true Capital, and Krispin III as our rightful Lord and King if he does not even challenge the highwaymen and sellswords whom use our village as a playground?” Draynor did not wait for a response. He marched off to pass on this information to Brin.
      Brin Ellen has come into huge fortune of late with his expedition into valuing and contracting the insurance of houses, ships, weapons and, often, people…
      S1 - Chronos
      S2 - WIM
      Puzzled Converter - Battle reports Travian
      I also put most of the work in for this: Converter - Battle reports Travian (thanks for leaving siege at home).

      "And firstly I have never met anyone but you that can play a whole server without buying gold" Ben (happy) 13/2/18
    • As the rules state if a person wins in several categories he can only claim one prize.

      notorious crunchie won this award plus the analytic award. He has chosen to keep the other one.

      This award will now be awarded to the runner up and in this case both of the remaining nominations are tied so both will receive the prizes that was awarded for this category.

      So congratulations to Mutley_UK and WIM

      @runner ups...please contact me in a PM

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