Nominations for The Legend of 2017

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    • Storm Striker wrote:

      c'mmon man I did what was possible that time, while you do nothing more than posting on other peoples achievement if you are good then good else why even bother whats other doing???
      Also Im able to brag because I played good while what you are just doing nothing more than bragging on part of giga... learn game then play good then brag on own achievement

      I dont say my hammer was better than giga but then you were also not that good unless you were dual on Gigawatt account

      For Haters: JUST DIGEST I WON, now if your prob is why I won keep asking your friends or anyone whosoever voted :D
      well take a step back and see how it looks from everyone else's perspective. If your achievements were that colossal then why did you have to nominate yourself?

      Yes I'm bragging about my enemy who kept knocking down my teams WW, sounds totally legit ;)

      I don't brag about my own achievements as I have that little thing called modesty

      As already said many many times these awards are a bit of a joke, the fact I won one of the categories proves that!
      tormentor - As for replying to other posts, I really cannot stand the stench, even the nose plugs are not stopping it.

      listers losers - Does that mean youve taken off the gimp mask?
    • Storm Striker wrote:

      daz wrote:

      popularity contest
      If it was just about being popular next server you make three catters, raid over 85 mil and give half million def parking on your account with no dual, then we talk on this ;)
      Pretty common these days to have that kind of a setup. Raiding 85 mill is nothing in my opinion.

      I am taking nothing away from you, I congratulated you, why so salty :S it's almost as if you've something to hide?!
      | Kato - SD | Helios - Hegem0ny | Helios - SP | Helios - L.S. | Apollo - DoH | Little Llama - DoH | Jesse Pinkman - Bar | Kali - -TG- | Red Army - 90s |
    • daz wrote:

      I congratulated you, why so salty
      just because you said its only popularity thing... whereas it costed me 16-18hrs of my daily life... so that kinda makes me think if someone devalues time i wasted in game :(

      mutley_UK wrote:

      I don't brag about my own achievements as I have that little thing called modesty
      about this saying truth Im good only to people of my ally and hey, i speak only of what I actually did... i just take things as facts, like if anyone there in hall of fames or ones I know were better than me then yes they are better no matter what I say :saint:

      mutley_UK wrote:

      If your achievements were that colossal then why did you have to nominate yourself?
      that was just for fun actually, as i don't play these days so it was just a time pass though no idea how i won, it was like I thought if i get lucky I win 100 gold else nothing to lose, also there in forum no one gave any proper thing defining what they actually did so it looked like easy win to me at time nominations started :D
      I did agreed even last time saying giga lost due to poor defining of his achievement, why will any random person vote you when he doesnt even know what you have done? i have seen players who call 50k hammer a catter... kinda amusing to me... so for things proper definition was needed :)

      LEGEND OF 2017(UK AWARD)