TS1 coming soon?

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    • Templar Knight wrote:

      A very good reason why servers are not started on weekends anymore.
      The store is closed so if anything went wrong then nothing could get fixed till Monday.
      With Monday through Thursday starts you have a least 1 good business day before weekend if trouble rears it's head.
      I was discussing this earlier with someone. "Saturday" is technically a work day in Germany, the only day workers generally can't work is Sunday. In theory Travian could alter when the tech types work during the rest of the week (reduced hours, or a day off), in order to have them on duty on Saturdays. Though I'm sure that the employees wouldn't want to do that but it would certainly be more convenient for players.

      They could also move the company somewhere with less strict labor laws and lower income taxes on pass through income (money that flows directly to partners/members of the company as income. Since TG is organized as a GmbH, and taxed similarly to a limited liability company is in the US)

      I'm not advocating for such a change but I enjoy the intellectual thought and discourse of such a topic.
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      Carni wrote:

      God I would kill to have like 4 of you on every team I play

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    • Hey, anyone need a dual?
      Utc-5, heavy gold spender (want to be first or one of to v2). Top raider currently com80 solo. Work as a software engineer so I’m on a computer all day anyway. Planning to take first two days off server start (4/30) to oases raid.

      Would prefer Tuets or Romans.
      J.webbie15 for Skype.

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