20% Gold Promo on UK Domain Servers

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    • 20% Gold Promo on UK Domain Servers

      2 days ago a highly trained unit of TK riders attacked and made off with over 1 ton of gold bullion from Travian Headquaters in Munich

      This gold bullion has been melted down making it virtually untraceable. This gold will be used to add 20% more gold to all purchases made during this unique event.

      This Gold Promotional Event will take place this weekend during the following times......

      Start...Friday the 19th at 12:00pm GMT +1

      End...Monday the 22nd at 12:00pm GMT +1

      This covers all UK domain servers (excluding any tournament servers)

      The promotions are online when +20% appears on each package.

      Included are: all local gold packages
      Excluded are: vouchers, SMS and pay-by-call.

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