Bye folks and thanks for all the support

    • LOL, I do yes. In response I attempted a comic strip of my own which had you as a crying baby, but discretion got the better of me and I didn't post it.
      I miss your Helena Bonham Carter avatar, it made me hot. (not as hot as Crunchie's bouncy version though, and not in the same league as Duffy's naked breasts).

      I'll have a look at Rail Nation. The forum and community is of at least as much interest as the game for me, and nearly all the players in this game I used to have a laugh with are gone unfortunately.
    • Loved Helena Bonham Carter.

      That server was quite an experience. I was going through a really bad depression at the time and Travian was about the only thing I could engage in. Got me through a very rough period.

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    • Hey, I was only teasing. :(

      A lot of people I know have used Travian as a crutch to get through difficult times, myself included. You get to be nasty and pretend you're just playing the game. At least, that's what I used to tell myself. :)

      Seriously, no offence was taken or meant. I hope you feel the same.
    • That's what I used to tell myself too. I could lead an alliance like HATE and pretend to be the villain! Pizza was always so much better at it than I was though :D

      Good to see you back Eddy anyway, I hope you will stick around. You missed my Betty Paige avatar. That one was the best!

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