UK29 - Stats and Analysis thread

    • New Year's Special

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    • Good analysis, will be interesting to see where things are in a couple more weeks.

      Eppyrage (AA) wrote:

      It is a grand idea but we were unwilling to wait so long for a server start with no guarantee it would have held better challenges than this server. There is still no sign of when another server (UK1) will even start? We put out challenges well in advance to try and tempt some of the UK1 bound alliances here but they were intent on only playing UK1 which is their choice to make. Maybe one day we can do what the US server did this time around and all main UK alliances agree to play one server, together. it would take a lot of arranging and a lot of patience though, which I fear a lot of us do not have, lol (At least we can dream of it happening at some stage before we have all walked away from the game)
      The reality is these things are few and far between. You need to generate a fair bit of hype to let players get ready for them.
      In 2010 we had the top Swedes invade UK with Ragnarok. Some of the top UK players banded together and absolutely thrashed them. That was a great server.
      in 2012 Flock invaded Australia and the Aussies were able to take them down. That was a fairly messy server though.
      In 2016 top UK alliance Pulse won their final server despite the top players in UK banding together to take them down as Natars. This was in no small part to one of my allies pissing Natars off and getting their record WWR/Ks to hit me instead (yay)!

      It is probably too soon, with little preparation to get another big UK server together. Maybe after UK29 and UK1 are completed we can get everyone together for a rumble...hope you have fun on UK29 instead :)
      UK5,1 Annoying Gaul/CDT, UK5,2 Colt Seavers/Geoffles, Au1,3 Stringfellow/AoW, Au4,2 Spirit/KGB, TKCom2 Stringfellow/xTools, UK3,8 Spirit/Resurge, UK1,10 Tauriel/Havoc, UK1/11 Incognito/Betrayed, UK1/12 Spirit/Betrayed
      #9 crop UK T3, first in clubbies, #2 attacker, #10 hero
      Your game don't scare me, I got hit by this
    • Cae wrote:

      Don't talk bigger than you can actually do next time maybe ;) You are still acting grand and highly. Your Ego must be one of its own kind m8. You should chill it is just a game.
      My ego is one of a kind, i agree.
      But I will repeat, who are you? It will help me understand why you have a thing for us. I mean making bad remarks about others for no reason? Surely that's not the case.
      Floor is yours.
      And while you're at it, drop your IGN too.
      They see me rolling
      They hating
    • Ninja if you were bright enough you could have known who i am already. I gave enough hints about it. Just because you have no life doesnt mean you can play big boy acts here. I have said what i have seen. You guys were really cocky about being solo until now. Now you are nothing but a lion in circus to me since you dont even stand for your own words. What else to say to a person with no pride?
    • This is brilliant!

      First of all, it was me that was acting all high and mighty... because it was an act! I was making fun of them in jest! We were invited to join A.A before the server even started. We like starting out on our own, so that's what we did. But we've been on the waiting list long before I started "acting" all high and mighty.

      I believe most of them knew it was an act, which is why they didn't really respond lol... you have though, which means the joke's on you ;)
    • I can confirm that the Blaze team were on the waiting list to join for a very long time. I would take anything they said with a big pinch of salt on the forum :D

      However the problem (if it can be classed as such) we have had this server is that a lot of old AA players have come out of the woodwork late and let us know they are on the server after the team was in place, meaning we unfortunately needed to put together a small holding alliance (drunks) to avoid friendly fire on the AA family. This is not what we aimed to do as we prefer to play as one alliance now!

      Things are looking nice on the server, looking forward to some battles now, simming is getting boring (even though it is essential for a successful server)
      The Zombie