Whatever happened to.....?????

    • Whatever happened to.....?????

      Whatever happened to all the big beasts of Travian UK? Where have they gone, what are they doing now??

      I'll get the thread started by asking what happened to the biggest beast of them all. The one who moved the game from the server to the forum and made it her one woman mission to take down every big player she could, not just from the server, but from the game entirely.
      So any answers welcome, whatever happened to that mistress of ultimate destruction Samantha78? The banner and deleter of Pizzathehut, Papasmurf, and so many other much loved and larger than life characters from the game. Where is she, which organisation is her wrecking ball reeking havoc on now??
    • Samantha just disappeared. I don’t know where she went. Papasmurf returned briefly and played on ROA. He posted for a little while here again but soon got bored and drifted off.

      Pizza is busy doing amazing things in real life, I’m still in contact with both him and papa as well as Dafne , just not here :).

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