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  • This inability to edit threads is just stupid. I just had a thought Lemon, it can’t be fake news because I didn’t get a warning. I never get any communication when my posts are disabled or removed, they just mysteriously vanish and usually haven’t broken any rules, but I don’t get the courtesy of any communication, just like I didn’t when my signature was removed.

    So according to the crew list we have;

    SMOD playingwithfire (not UK), SMOD polka dot (inactive), SMOD hawk (occasionally active), Mod Bloated Fish (inactive), Mod Keiji (inactive), Mod Deadpool (new and not Uk apart from one server), Mod muchachoNL (new and not UK).

    According to TK’s list we have SMOD playingwithfire and SMOD Hawk. Maybe the others are imposters :o TK, remove these people pretending to be official moderators!

    Stand out Award 2017 UK