Lopsided Annual Servers

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    • Lopsided Annual Servers

      Are the game makers aware how lopsided these "birthday" annual server have become due to troop merging? Handfuls of players are able to dominate by using massive amounts of gold. And no, troop forwarding doesn't balance that. I've played the last two s19 and the last s20, and there is not real competition against the team that has the big gold mergers.

      There is so much fun and so much potential in these servers, but people won't continue to play if they keep getting wrecked by players with deep pockets (spending hundreds, sometimes thousands) to merge and move hammers around.
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    • I do agree troop merging is terribly unbalanced. I have friends who has spent a small fortune merging troops for hammers on the Beta server.

      Removing it is a possible course of action. Another could be some sort of limit on the amount of troops that can be merged in a certain frame of time. Or some level of free troop merging could be offered in conjunction with a limit. This would help the less gold capable players of utilizing the feature (resource use is terribly expensive if you are not a top raider) and with the maximum limit for gold / res merged troops help create a better balance. Obviously the best way to see if this works is to test it

      I think to a degree, the region based combat makes merging important but it definitely favors those with deep pockets.
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      God I would kill to have like 4 of you on every team I play