Founding village in the Natar's area

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    • Founding village in the Natar's area

      Hi guys,

      I'm playing in the new years special server and I wanted to found a new village in the Natar's area (grey central area).
      I can see that there are few players who choose this option. I wonder ... what are the repercussions?

      Any help?
    • There's a few things to consider;grey area settling has a lot little issues to worry about.

      First, the moment that you settle the village, the Natars will attack. After 24 hours, 14 waves will land on your village. These are large attacks and usually not worth defending, so the normal strategy is to fill the village with enough buildings that it doesn't get destroyed. There are lots of approaches to doing this. The requirement is that a village must have population to survive. Some buildings (ie, wheat fields under level 5 and crannies under level 6) don't give population, so you need buildings other than these to survive. All techniques usually involve building out low requirement buildings as quickly as possible. That's stuff like warehouse, granary, marketplace, embassy, barracks, rally point, etc, as these will all give population without too much time or cost. The goal is to have 39 buildings, as 14 waves of catapults will only destroy 28 Techniques diverge from there:

      1) Level 6 crannies. Some people fill the rest with level 6 crannies. These give one population, but to build more than one cranny you need to build a level 10 cranny first. Combined with fields and other buildings, build up to 39 building slots' worth.

      2) Capital switching. If it's early in the game, you may be looking to settle a capital in a grey cropper. In this case, you can build a palace and switch capitals. This lets you take advantage of the stonemason. Stonemasons are always hit last, yet provide population. Therefore, if you build one level 10 cranny and fill the rest with level 1 crannies, you will always be safe as long as you have 39 buildings as the stonemason will not be hit.

      3) Chancing it. Some people choose to hope they get lucky and will just build level 1 crannies and hope that the remaining building has population. I see it from time to time, and it can work, but again you risk losing the village.

      4) Defending. It's not a great idea. It takes tens of thousands of troops and rarely is worth it.

      The second thing to consider is CP. Grey village produce no CP. CP is very important because it lets you build more villages and expand much faster. To compensate, you will have to run parties in your town halls (which you should do anyways, but grey settling makes it a must). Accounts with grey villages inevitably grow slower, though prime capitals and location do often make them worth it.

      The final thing to consider is that the center gets a lot more action. You're near every quad and are likely to be in the middle of battles. You may also find that enemies are closer than some of your defense. Some people like the pressure, some don't.

      If you have any other questions, feel free to ask :)
    • Thanks for explaining that actually, I had the perfect infrastructure when I tried to settle there once, but I forgot about population and all Crannies were lv1. :D

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    • If you're new to the game, I'd definitely avoid settling in grey.

      The main purposes of settling in there is either to be close to other quads, so having shorter travel time with your hammers/ghosts and/or for capturing arties in enemy quads (uniques spawn closer to the center, so if you're quick, you can maybe snatch one from the other quad). Some people go there for the nice croppers, because they don't want to go out to the boonies to get a nice cropper because they're not quick enough to settle.. But I personally don't see much point in going there just for that, if you don't have the other two objectives in mind.

      Armour covered everything else sufficiently.

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    • wishmaster3 wrote:

      The capital can still be destroyed, as long as it's not your only village.

      If you only have a single village (which will then automatically be your capital), it can be brought to 0 pop with everything in it gone, but it won't dissapear.
      Also if your capital villa holds an artefact, then it also can't be erased off the map.

      Strength is Justice.
      Strength is absolute.
      All is meaningless without victory.
      To be defeated is to lose everything.

      faith sph1nX